Doel Laptop Price in Bangladesh

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Doel is a domestic laptop brand made by the telephone industry of Bangladesh. The Doel brand mainly provides affordable price and reliable laptops for students, freelancers, and office users. Moreover, doel laptop has gained huge popularity due to its unique designs and different configurations available at affordable price in BD.

What is the specialty of Doel Laptop?

1. Doel Laptop is especially known for its affordable prices in Bangladesh, providing affordable laptops for all professional users, from the average student.

2. Doel laptop is built with attractive design and robust materials and provides high-capacity batteries for long usage.

3. Doel Laptop provides a user-friendly interface through its software along with Bengali language support capabilities, making it an ideal laptop for Bangladeshi users.

4. Doel laptop ensures long-lasting performance while providing enough durability for everyday use.

5. Also, the Doel laptop has the required storage to store the necessary documents and multimedia files like audio and video.

6. The Doel laptop has HDMI, a USB port, and an Ethernet port for internet connection and WiFi connectivity. As a result, the Doel laptop can be easily connected and used with various devices in addition to an internet connection.

7. Doel laptop is generally lightweight and easily portable. As a result, it can be easily carried when traveling to distant places.

8. Doel laptop can handle everyday computing tasks such as Internet browsing, audio and video, Microsoft Office, and essential software.

9. Moreover, the doel laptop has a built-in webcam for video conferencing.

10. Due to the development of doel laptop in Bangladesh, has contributed to the local technology industry and created employment.

How much is the price of Doel Laptop?

Both used and new Doel Laptop is available in BD. Currently, dual laptop price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 7,000, which is available in used condition. Also, doel laptop price varies depending on other configurations including RAM, processor, motherboard, and storage.

Is Doel Core i5 Laptop available in Bangladesh?

Doel laptop is available in Bangladesh with both AMD and Intel processors. However, Dual Core i5 laptop is available everywhere in Bangladesh as per customer demand. Dual Core i5 laptop in Bangladesh is available on a budget of Tk 21,000 to Tk 40,000. However, dual laptop price varies depending on the generation in BD.