Dell Laptop Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Dell Laptop Buying in Bangladesh

Among the laptop brands, Dell is one of the most popular brands in the world including Bangladesh. One of the special aspects of Dell laptops in Bangladesh is that it is very cheap in price, so Dell laptops are loved by everyone from students to professionals. Let's see some of its features.

1. Dell laptops are very sturdy compared to other laptops.

2. Dell laptops are famous for slim figure, light weight and attractive design.

3. Dell releases various series according to the budget for the convenience of the customers in the market. These are: Inspiron, XPS, Alienware, Vostro, Latitude and Precision. These models are easily available in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi users can easily choose their preferred Dell laptop according to the model-wise price.

4. Dell laptops are always aware of motherboard, graphics, display resolution.

5. Apart from the Dell laptop premium series, many laptops are available in Bangladesh at a low price, so students can easily buy their desired laptop.

6. Different configurations of Dell laptops are available in Bangladesh. As a result, customers can buy according to the type and quality of work.

7. There are many Dell laptops that have touchscreen facilities. Dell Touchscreen Laptop Price in Bangladesh is very low.

8. Any work in the market place can be done very easily with Dell laptops. So freelancers in Bangladesh use Dell laptops more.

9. Various guarantees and warranties are available on Dell laptops for customers in Bangladesh. As an after sales service, Dell provides 15 days replacement guarantee and 5 years service warranty with its laptops. As a result, customers prefer to buy Dell laptops.

What is the price of Dell laptop in Bangladesh?

Dell laptop prices in Bangladesh start from just Tk 43,000. Online classes, online meetings, office work can be done very easily with this laptop. Also this laptop is best for those who want to learn various official work in low price. Basically the price of Dell laptop depends on the quality of the laptop, processor, RAM etc. Moreover, Dell laptop price varies mainly depending on the model, configuration, and other features as well as various promotions or discounts in the Bangladeshi market.

Dell laptop price under 20,000 Tk

Dell laptop is usually available in used and refurbished condition in Bangladesh within the budget of Tk 20,000. New Dell laptop in this budget is mostly entry-level and basic configurations. Also, Dell laptop under Tk 20,000 has a limited range of processors, RAM, and storage. This budget Dell laptop is perfect for web browsing, multi-media, and Microsoft Office-related tasks.

Dell laptop price under 50,000 Tk

Dell laptop in Bangladesh with a budget of Tk 50,000 is usually available in new condition. Dell brand mid-range laptop is available in Bangladesh within this budget. Moreover, Dell laptop under Tk 50,000 offers advanced processors, adequate RAM, and storage capacity. In Bangladesh, a Dell laptop with a budget of Tk 50,000 can be used for light gaming, content creation, and various types of multitasking work.

Dell laptop price under 100,000 Tk

Generally highly configured new Dell laptop is available under Tk 100,000 in Bangladesh. In this budget, Dell laptop offers higher processors, graphics cards, and more RAM and storage capacity. Moreover, content creation, graphics design, video editing, software development, and almost all kinds of work can be done with a Dell laptop on a budget of 100,000 Tk.

What can be done with Dell Core i3 laptop?

All kinds of official work such as Microsoft Office, Excel, Power Point etc. can be done very easily with Dell Core i3 laptop. Dell Core i3 laptop price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 45,500 only. With this, students will be able to take online classes and learn various official tasks.

Can marketplace work with Dell Core i5 laptop in Bangladesh?

Dell Core i5 laptop price in Bangladesh is only Tk 60,000 and it has 500 GB hard disk, 4 GB RAM and 2 GB graphics card. With it everyone from beginner level can work and learn about marketplace. It is an ideal laptop for learning marketplace work.

What is the price of Dell Core i7 new laptop?

Dell's new series of Core i7 laptops in Bangladesh are fantastic and have more RAM and latest generation processors. Along with playing heavy games with them, video editing is also good. Many models of these laptops have metal bodies and therefore do not heat up easily. Dell Core i7 laptops start at a minimum of 70,000 and the price depends on the generation of the processor and the design of the cabinet.

Does Dell laptop have GSM modem?

Many series of Dell laptops come with a GSM modem so that any operator's SIM can be used. But at the time of purchase, it should be known whether Bangladeshi SIM supports it. Conveniently no need to buy a separate modem.

Are Dell laptops overheated?

Newer models of Dell laptops heat up very little. However, coolers can be used on some earlier model laptops. Dell's metal body laptops are of high quality and do not heat up easily.

Which Dell laptop is better for students?

The Dell Latitude series is specially designed for students. Especially elementary students can use this laptop for their intellectual development. It is very light in weight and small in size which can be easily carried by children. Dell Latitude is available in Bangladesh at a very low price.

Do Dell laptops have backlight and spill resistant keyboards?

Certain earlier Dell models and most current models have spill-resistant keyboards with backlit features. This backlight facility is very useful for Bangladesh. Moreover, those who are students can work even without turning on the lights.

Best Dell Laptop Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best dell laptop list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best dell laptop list has been created based on the interest for dell laptop buyers of BD Stall.

Dell Laptop Model Price in BD
Dell Inspiron 15 3511 Core i5 11th Gen 8GB RAM Laptop ৳ 45,500
Dell Vostro 3400 Core i3 11th Gen 14" 8GB RAM ৳ 27,800
Dell Latitude 7490 Core i5 8th Gen Laptop ৳ 23,800
Dell Latitude 7400 Core i5 8th Gen Laptop ৳ 23,500
Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 Core i5 8th Gen Touch Laptop ৳ 38,500
Dell XPS 13 9310 Core i7 11th Gen 13.4" FHD Laptop ৳ 67,999
Dell Latitude 3189 X360 Pentium 8th Gen Laptop ৳ 14,000
Dell Latitude 5490 Core i5 8th Gen Laptop ৳ 23,499
Dell Latitude 7490 Core i7 8th Gen Laptop ৳ 27,500
Dell Precision 5530 Core i9 8th Gen Business Laptop ৳ 63,000