Microsoft Laptop Price in Bangladesh

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With the technological development, the demand for advanced laptops has increased considerably. As a result, according to the customer demand, among the numerous laptop brands in the Bangladeshi market, Microsoft brand laptop has gained great popularity. Microsoft brand laptop is mainly available with a combination of sleek design, powerful performance, and innovative features, which has been well received by tech enthusiasts, freelancers, and students. Currently, a wide range of Microsoft Surface Laptop is available at affordable price on popular online marketplace in BD.

What is the specialty of Microsoft laptop?

1. Microsoft laptop is well known for sleek and premium designs. Moreover, the slim body, and being made of high-quality materials like aluminum ensures long-lasting use.

2. Microsoft Surface Laptop is usually equipped with high-resolution touchscreen displays. Also, accurate colors and sharpness are achieved using Microsoft laptops. Besides being responsive enough, it provides an interesting user experience.

3. The 3:2 ratio display of the Microsoft Surface Laptop offers convenience. As a result, portrait mode provides clear, realistic, and crystal-clear widescreen benefits.

4. The Microsoft laptop comes with Windows Hello and a front-facing camera. Also, the Microsoft Surface Laptop comes with an autofocus lens that automatically detects the user's face, making it easy to focus even when taking photos and videos.

5. Microsoft laptop, especially the Microsoft Surface series of laptop, has versatile form factors. Also, some models of Microsoft laptop can be used as a tablets by detaching the keyboard.

6. The touchpad on the Microsoft Surface Laptop provides quite smooth and accurate tracking. Also, the keyboard has well-spaced keys for comfortable typing.

7. Microsoft laptop is designed with powerful processors of Intel Core i5, Core i7, and Intel Evo platform, sufficient RAM and storage like SSD. As a result, multitasking, running heavy applications as well as other complex tasks can be handled.

8. Almost all Microsoft Surface laptop comes with the Surface Pen, which makes it easy to create various designs and notes.

9. Dolby Atmos, Dolby Premium Sound System with Omni Sonic Speakers on Microsoft laptop delivers a realistic and engaging audio experience.

10. Microsoft laptop has a lithium polymer battery that provides a minimum of 4 hours to more than 13 hours of battery backup.

11. To keep data safe as well as protect user privacy, Microsoft laptops are equipped with advanced features including Microsoft's own Windows Hello facial recognition, fingerprint scanner, and BitLocker.

12. Microsoft Surface Laptop includes a 10-point multi-touch control system that provides the convenience of using 10 fingers at the same time.

What is the price of Microsoft laptop in BD?

Microsoft Surface Laptop price in BD starts from Tk 19,000, which can be used as laptops and tablets in general used condition as well. Moreover, Microsoft laptop price in Bangladesh varies depending on factors such as model, series, specifications, features, RAM, and storage capacity. Also, Microsoft Surface Laptop with advanced processor, dedicated graphics card and 4K display is available on a budget of Tk 30,000 to Tk 50,000.