Walton Laptop Price in Bangladesh

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Walton Laptop Buying in Bangladesh

With the advancement of technology, Walton is one of the companies in Bangladesh that is currently moving towards innovation. Walton brand has created a new line-up of laptops in the Bangladeshi market with attractive designs, advanced features, and affordable prices. Generally for students studying, office work, or freelancing, Walton laptop provides reliable performance. Moreover, Walton brand laptop is very popular in Bangladesh for their attractive design, durability, and customer service.

Features of Walton Laptop

1. Walton laptop is designed with powerful processors like AMD, and Intel, which can be used smoothly for various types of work, from official work to content creation, graphics design, and gaming.

2. This brand of laptop provides enough storage for files, documents, multimedia content, and various types of software.

3. With its sleek design and lightweight, the Walton laptop can be easily carried anywhere.

4. Walton laptop has high-definition displays that provide attractive and vivid visuals for videos, photos, and gaming.

5. Walton provides long-lasting batteries in laptops that can be used for long periods without the need for frequent charging.

6. USB, HDMI, and other interfaces are included in the Walton laptop so that other external devices and displays can be connected effectively.

7. Walton laptop has ergonomic and comfortable keyboards that do not cause discomfort while typing for long periods.

What series of Walton laptop is in Bangladesh?

Prelude Series: Prelude series of Walton laptop is primarily designed for general users and students. Walton laptop of this series is suitable for daily tasks such as web browsing, document creation, and multimedia work.

Passion Series: Walton Passion Series offers users a balance between performance and affordability. This series of Walton laptops is suitable for multitasking, light gaming, documentation, and multimedia work.

Tamarind Series: Tamarind series of Walton laptop is built with powerful hardware and advanced features. This series of laptops offers users high performance for tasks like graphics design, content creation, gaming, and multimedia.

Koronda Series: The Koronda series of Walton laptop is made with high configuration, high-quality design, and advanced features. This series of Walton laptop provides high-performance and attractive visuals for content creation, graphics design, and professional gaming.

Also, Waxjambu's latest new series of Walton laptop is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh. 

What is the price of Walton laptop?

Both old and new condition Walton laptop is generally available in Bangladesh. Currently, Walton Laptop price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 8,500 which is suitable for students for online classes, browsing, and official general work. Also, the new condition Walton laptop price starts from Tk 28,500 which includes various advanced features including a backlight display, AMD processor, SSD hard disk, and AMD integrated graphics. Also, there are various models and series of Walton brand laptops available in Bangladesh, but Walton laptop price varies depending on configuration, display size and resolution, graphics card, RAM, storage, etc.