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Blender is a daily necessity for everyone. There is hardly a country in the world that does not use a blender. There is a huge demand for blender machines in Bangladesh. Blender machines simplify many cooking tasks and save time. It can be used to make various drinks, grind meat, grind rice, grind spices, etc. It is also called a grinder machine by many.

What is the price of blender machine in Bangladesh?

Blender machine price in Bangladesh starts from Taka 1,000 which comes with juice jar and grinder jar. But the price of the blender machine depends on its brand, power and various accessories.

What is the price of hand blender machine in Bangladesh?

Hand Blender Machine goes for Taka 500 which is basically used to mix something well. They are also called beater machines in Bangladesh.

What can a mini blender do and how much does it cost?

Mini blenders can do it all, but they only have one jar. The price of these mini blenders in Bangladesh is around 800 Taka.

What tips to know before buying a blender?

Blender machines of various technologies are available in Bangladesh. These blender machines are used for different tasks. Blenders or grinders have some special features. Some important tips on how to select the right blender machine according to specialty are mentioned below:

1. There are numerous plastic blenders available in the market of Bangladesh. These plastic blenders are used for making syrup. Various types of fruit juices can be made with the help of these machines. These plastic blenders can make delicious juices in seconds with just the right amount of fruit and just the right amount of water. Therefore, before buying, you should know the quality of the plastic in detail. It should be of food grade.

2. Many stainless steel blender or grinder machines are available in Bangladesh. With the help of these, many things can be done besides cutting meat, grinding rice and pulses, grinding spices. The stainless steel must be of good quality otherwise it will be less durable.

3. Learn about the functions of the blender machine buttons. The buttons in the middle control all the features of the blender machine. Different buttons are used to control the speed, power and other things of the blender or grinder machine, so before buying, you should know about the function of its buttons.

4. There are some machines that are a bit of an exception. They are also known as mixers or beaters. With the help of these machines flour, egg-milk and various things can be mixed. So it is better to buy mixer or beater machine to mix these things.

Correct rules for using blender machine or grinder machine

Blender machine or grinder machine is used by many people but the machine is not durable due to not knowing how to use it properly. A few days after purchase, several problems appeared. Many people think that after a few days of buying the machine, there is a problem with the motor or some other problem. In fact, this idea is not correct, it is normal that the machine will be damaged if it is not used carefully. Therefore, the correct rules for using a blender or grinder machine are highlighted below:

1. Blender or grinder machine must be washed well before and after use so that there is no smell inside. Accumulation of various chemicals and dust can damage machine blades extensively resulting in loss of blade edge. As a result, it takes a lot of trouble to grind or blend something. So wash well before and after use.

2. While using the blender or grinder, make sure that the lid is properly fitted. If the lid is not fitted properly, major accidents can occur while blending or grinding. So of course the lid is in place or need to be checked more than once.

3. Improper electrical connections can cause serious damage such as shock circuits. Even if there is no shock circuit, the machine can be damaged in many ways. So check if the electrical connection is loose. If it is loose, it must be fitted properly and the electrical connection must be made.

4. While blending or grinding, the ingredients must be cut into small pieces. Because if you don't cut it short, a lot of pressure is created on the machine. And due to this pressure, the machine can be damaged in a short time.

5. Blender speed should never be set to maximum. This causes the machine to overheat quickly and can cause the motor to become unusable within a few days. So it is better to reduce the maximum speed while using it.

6. Do not run the blender for more than 1-2 minutes to make the peas last longer. If you run the blender for a long time, its motor will slow down at times. So it is better to keep it between 1-2 minutes while using the grinder or blender machine.