Android Smart TV Box Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Android TV Box Buying in Bangladesh

Android is a smart operating system specially designed for mobile. The Android operating system has gained so much popularity in Bangladesh that this is also available in other devices. TV is one of the other popular devices featuring Android operating system.

What is Smart TV Box ?

Many of us already purchased the standard TV or LCD TV but now want to taste the features of Smart TV.  Android TV box does this job that means it will convert your regular TV into a smart TV through this smart box.

How much is the Smart TV Box?

Smart TV box in Bangladesh is usually available on a budget of Tk 1,300 to Tk 3,000. However, Smart TV Box price usually varies depending on the brand, operating system, storage capacity, connectivity, and features.

Android TV Box price in Bangladesh:

Android TV box price in Bangladesh starts at Tk 1,499 and has Wi-Fi support for easy connectivity. Generally, TV box price depends on picture quality like HD or 4K, processor speed, memory and internal storage so check Bdstall TV box list and buy at lowest price. Moreover, while buying an Android TV box, keep in mind that the device will be very comfortable to use if it works faster.

Apple TV Box price in Bangladesh:

Apple TV box price in Bangladesh starts at Tk 15,000, which provides access to a wide range of online platforms to the multimedia player, including the mini console via the Apple app. Moreover, the price of Apple TV box varies depending on the specific model, storage capacity and other features of Apple.

What to look for before buying Smart TV box?

Processor: Smart TV Box in Bangladesh are usually available in various models of processors including ARM Mali, AMlogic, and ARM Cortex Quad Core. However, Octa-core processor is better for smart TV box. Therefore, the right processor must be checked while buying a smart TV box.

Storage Capacity: Smart TV Box usually has different capacities of RAM and internal memory to operate the operating system. Therefore, in buying a smart TV box, at least 4 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory capacity should be selected.

USB Port: Smart TV Box has 2 USB ports of USB port version 2.0 and USB port version 3.0 to connect Bluetooth receiver or peripheral devices. Also, USB version 3.0 is faster than USB version 2.0. So, you should check the version of the USB ports while buying a smart TV box.

Video and Display: For the use of smart TV Box, HDMI, dynamic refresh rate switching, 265 hardware decoding, etc. must be considered for video and display. Because Smart TV Box 4K with HDMI version 2.0 supports video streaming. Dynamic refresh rate switching adjusts the refresh rate between the Smart TV box and the TV. In addition, 265 hardware decoding generally compresses high-quality video to facilitate transmission over networks.

Operating System: When buying a smart TV Box, you must select Android operating system version 5.0 and above. Because the smart TV box can be easily updated in the above versions of the Android operating system.

Network Connectivity: Fast network connectivity should be considered while watching videos with a Smart TV Box. So, check if the smart TV box has both WiFi and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

Bluetooth Support: Bluetooth connectivity is very important for data transfer from smart phone or other devices to smart TV Box. So check if the smart TV box has Bluetooth support capability.

Price Check: Various brands of smart TV box is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh. Therefore, smart TV box should be bought by adjusting the price with the budget and required features.

After-sales Service: In case of purchase of Smart TV Box, Bangladesh provides up to 1 year service warranty. So, after-sales service should be checked while buying a smart TV box.

Some common questions about Smart TV Box

What can I do with this smart TV Box?

Answer: You can connect to Internet, watch Youtube, play videos and games by this Android TV box.

What kind of TV operating system can be used with Smart TV box?

Answer: Smart TV box is generally compatible with various types of TV operating systems including Android OS, Fire OS, Web OS, Roku OS, Tizen OS.

Can it convert my old CRT TV into smart TV?

Answer: Your TV needs to have at least one USB port.

What connection features Android TV box provide?

Answer: Android tv box comes with LAN, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity features but it depends on the model.

Can I play 4K video?

Answer: Yes, you can play 4K video but your TV and Android box must support 4K video for eye-catching performance.

Where I can get the Android TV Box in Bangladesh?

Answer: Android TV box is available in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and all over the country.