Iron Price in Bangladesh

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Iron Buying in Bangladesh

An iron machine is a very familiar and necessary element in daily life. Iron machines can be used to remove wrinkles from washed clothes or wrinkled clothes, thus returning the clothes to a new look. Ironed clothes look more fresh and attractive. Nowadays, Philips, Panasonic, Sokany, and China brand iron is available in Bangladesh at an affordable price. Moreover, various models of iron can be bought at a low price from

How much does the Iron Machine cost?

Iron machine price is determined based on its brand, model, technology, size, quality, etc. Iron price in BD starts from a minimum of BDT 700 which is a mini travel iron machine. Moreover, one has to spend at least BDT 2,000 to buy a better-quality iron machine in BD.

Steam Iron or Dry Iron, which Iron Machine is better?

Steam iron has a built-in water tank that heats water and turns it into steam. As a result, there is no need to splash water repeatedly while ironing the clothes. On the other hand, it is easier to iron clothes with a dry iron as it is relatively lightweight. Moreover, the dry iron machine is popular as an energy-efficient iron machine. However, if you need to iron a lot of clothes at home or in a laundry shop, it is better to choose a steam iron, on the other hand, if you need to iron a small amount of clothes occasionally, it is better to buy a dry iron.

What to consider before buying an Iron Machine?

1. Before buying an iron machine, first consider which technology iron machine to buy. The most widely used iron machines in Bangladesh are steam iron and dry iron.

2. When selecting an iron machine, one must consider whether it can iron different types of clothes.

3. Iron machine with a sole plate made of stainless steel should be selected which can iron the clothes smoothly.

4. Choose an iron machine that has a comfortable handle and is light in weight. Because it is easy and enjoyable to iron clothes with an iron machine with a lightweight and comfortable handle.

5. Consider whether the temperature of the iron machine can be changed as needed. Because clothes need to be ironed at different temperatures according to the type of clothes.

6. An iron machine should be bought considering the wattage power of the iron machine. The higher the iron machine wattage power, the faster the iron machine will heat up and the clothes can be ironed in a faster time.

7. The iron machine should be selected considering the quality of the iron machine. Also, consider whether the iron machine comes with a limited parts and servicing warranty.