RFID Card Price in Bangladesh 2024

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RFID Card Buying in Bangladesh

RFID card is a radio identification card that uses radio frequencies for wireless access to reader devices. This type of card is also known as proximity card in Bangladesh. RFID card is widely used in Bangladesh to prevent unauthorized access to various important places including offices, educational institutions, banks, and business establishments, and provide simple security measures. Currently, the demand for RFID card in Bangladesh has increased to a great extent due to technologically accessible usability and cost-effectiveness.

What is the benefit of using an RFID card?

1. RFID card provides quick access to the user by showing the card to a reader device in a secured area.

2. RFID technology provides a faster and more efficient access control process compared to older methods such as keys or passwords.

3. RFID card stores data in an encrypted state that provides a high level of security by preventing cloning or counterfeiting. Also provides access to only authorized personnel.

4. The RFID card is made with a durable design to ensure long-lasting use.

5. This type of proximity card is a cost-effective solution in Bangladesh for use in multiple systems including access control, and inventory management.

6. The use of RFID card in offices, and businesses provides efficient management in obtaining real-time track records of employees.

How much does an RFID card cost?

RFID card price varies mainly depending on the technology, card design, materials, and order quantity. RFID card price in Bangladesh is 13 taka per piece which is generally suitable for use in petrol system, attendance system, and access control system. Proximity card with advanced features and customized designs is available within the budget of Tk 600 per 10 pcs.

How long does an RFID card last?

RFID card is made of durable design and can be used for approximately several years. However, the durability of an RFID card usually varies depending on factors such as the quality of the card, frequency of use, electromagnetic interference, and the environment of the place of use.

What is the range of RFID card?

The range of RIFD card generally varies depending on the technology used in the card and the design of the card. The range of such card is a few centimeters to a few meters. However, the approximate range of low-frequency RIFD card is usually 10cm and high-frequency RIFD card has a range of up to 1 meter.

Best RFID Card Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best rfid card list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best rfid card list has been created based on the interest for rfid card buyers of BD Stall.

RFID Card Model Price in BD
NFC Smart Card ৳ 30
Mango TK28 Thin Proximity RFID Card ৳ 14
ZKTeco FM11RF08 Mifare Card ৳ 85
Smart RFID Key Ring Tag ৳ 600
Matica SB1409 Gold Proximity Card ৳ 20
Matica CR80 White Proximity Card ৳ 20
HID OMNIKEY 5422 Contact & Contactless Smart Card ৳ 18,000
UHF RFID Tag ৳ 25
UHF RFID Library Tag ৳ 27