IPS Price in Bangladesh | IPS Inverter

৳ 48,500
6 days ago

Why IPS is needed?

IPS is mainly used to get rid of the pain of load shedding. It mainly stores power from AC power to batteries in DC form through chargers and supplies electricity in AC form in case of power outage or load shedding for any reason. IPS is most commonly used to run lights and fans during extreme heat, usually at home or in the office. However, in some cases, good IPS can be used to run home TV, fridge, computer and even AC.

What are the components of IPS?

An IPS has two main components and they are: -

Inverter: Inverter is a device that basically converts DC power to AC. This device is present in almost all types of IPS.

Battery: Battery is the main component of IPS. Basically electricity is stored in the battery so that the demand for electricity can be met when the current goes out.

How may types of IPS?

We see basically two types of IPS such as

Electric: These types of IPS are basically connected to the electricity of your house by charger so that when there is electricity in the house, it starts charging and when the electricity goes off, it is automatically generated in your house and the electronic devices in your house are running.

Solar system: This type of IPS does not require any main power connection because its battery is charged in solar power. It is charged in the sunlight during the day and whenever the power goes out, the electrical energy in its battery meets the electricity needs of your home.

What is the capacity of the IPS?

There are various capacitor IPS in the market and you can choose the IPS according to your needs and budget. Usually the capacity of IPS is calculated in watts as there is IPS up to 7500 watts. Its price and output will depend on this capacity.