Ear Plug (Ear Muffs) Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Ear plug is an ear protection device that protects the user from excessive noise. It helps to stay safe from the noise pollution of noisy areas, industrial areas, and vibrant cultural events in Bangladesh. Earplug reduces noise intensity and protects the ears from potential damage. Currently, earplug has gained a lot of popularity in Bangladesh to protect the ears from noise pollution and increase overall well-being.

What type of ear plug is available in Bangladesh?

Foam earplug: Foam earplug is usually made of soft, expandable foam. These type of earplug can be rolled and compressed to fit snugly around the ear, which is effective at reducing noise.

Silicone Earplug: Silicone earplug is made of soft, flexible silicone material and can be used as needed. These type of earplug ensures a comfortable and customized fit as well as guarantee long-term use.

Also today a variety of earplug in attractive designs including wax ear plug, and musician's earplug at affordable prices in BD.

Why is it important to use ear plug?

1. The main purpose of using earplug is to reduce exposure to loud noises. Noise levels resulting from the use of earplugs at construction sites, concerts, or loud workplaces do not damage the sensitive structures in the inner ear and do not cause permanent hearing loss or other hearing problems.

2. Earplug helps with normal sleep by creating a quiet environment that doesn't disturb sleep due to noise.

3. When traveling by plane, train, or bus, the loud noise of the engine can make the journey uncomfortable. And in this case, using ear plug while traveling helps to reduce the impact of noise as well as make the journey comfortable.

4. Earplug is usually used while swimming, or in various water sports to prevent water from entering the user's ears.

5. Helps concentration and focus in work or studies while studying or working in noisy environments.

However, it is best to consult a doctor or audiologist when using earplugs.

How much does an ear plug cost?

The price of earplug usually varies depending on the brand, quality, and design. Currently, the price of ear plug in Bangladesh starts from Tk 50, which has the ability to reduce noise up to 29 decibels. Also, earplug suitable for sports events, study zones, construction sites, automobile racing, and factory work are available within the budget of Tk 150 to 2000.

What to look for before buying ear plug?

Noise Reduction Rating: Before buying an earplug, check the noise reduction rating of the earplug to effectively reduce noise pollution.

Fit: Check whether the ear is the right size and fits comfortably.

Materials Made: Ear plug is made of silicone, foam, or wax are currently available in Bangladesh. The price of ear plug varies depending on the material they are made of. So before buying ear plug should be checked well.

Disposable and Reusable: Ear plug should be checked to ensure they are reusable and not disposable.

Compatibility: It should be checked whether the earplug will fit compatible with the use of safety helmets or glasses.

Purpose of use: Appropriate ear plug should be considered taking into account the environment of the place of use.

Best Ear Plug Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for May, 2024

Ear Plug Model Price in BD
Noise Reduction 3M 1426 Multi Position Earmuff ৳ 550
Noise Reduction Ear Muff ৳ 850
3M Ear Plug ৳ 350
3M Ear Plug ৳ 150
Buffter Noise Filter ৳ 350
Buffer Ear Plug ৳ 150
Best Noise Reduction Ear Muff ৳ 850
Delta Plus Interlagos Ear Defender ৳ 2,240