DVD Writer Price in Bangladesh 2024

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DVD Writer Buying in Bangladesh

DVD writer is a type of computer hardware device. It helps to read or write data using laser technology. Moreover, the DVD writer can read pre-recorded data as well as write new data on blank DVDs. It is widely used to store documents, photos, videos, and audio files in private, business, educational institutions, and government institutions. Currently, various popular brands of DVD writers including Samsung, Sony, Asus, Aurico, and Transcend are available at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

Advantage of DVD Writer

1. DVD writer provides more storage than CDs. Specifically, single-layer DVDs can store up to 4.7 GB of data and dual-layer DVDs can store up to 8.5 GB.

2. It can read, and write both DVD and CD. As a result, one can burn audio, and video as well as back up data with a DVD writer. Can be used to install software if needed.

3. DVD writer is usually portable. As a result, it can be easily carried and connected to computers or other compatible devices. Also, data can be easily accessed or transferred from one device to another.

4. Moreover, the data stored on the DVD writer is not easily destroyed, which ensures long-lasting use.

5. It is compatible with a wide range of devices including DVD players, computers, and gaming consoles.

6. Data or any audio, or video files can be easily accessed from a DVD writer without internet facility.

7. Also, the DVD writer has enough effective security to protect the data. Moreover, since it is physical media, the chances of hacking or unauthorized access are very low.

How much does DVD Writer cost?

Currently, DVD writer price in BD starts at Tk 700, which is 50 percent power efficient and can be used as an internal DVD writer. Moreover, DVD writer price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the brand, model, drive type, and features. DVD writer with double security protection, hidden file functionality, and a friendly interface is available between Tk 1,900 and Tk 2,500. Also, ultra-slim and sleek design, USB Type A interface, CyberLink Power2 Go media writing software with external DVD writer price in BD starts at Tk 3,900.