Microphone Price in Bangladesh 2022 & 2023

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What is the usage of a microphone?

The microphone is a much needed electronic device that converts sound energy into electricity. This is a great device for those who record different types of sound in the studio. Many people nowadays post videos on YouTube to show their creativity and sound is a very important issue in videos so microphones are very familiar to almost every YouTuber nowadays.

Which type of microphone do I need?

Condenser Microphone:  These types of microphones are mainly suitable for use indoors or in recording studios. They catch the very sensitive sound and can pick it up very clearly even with very little noise so their sound quality is the best. The problem, however, is that in addition to the original sound, if there is any sound coming from the surroundings, but it captures the original sound along with them, so it is almost impossible to use it without a soundproof room.

Dynamic Microphone:  These types of microphones are suitable for use in outdoor or live events. Because these can't catch Barati Noise at once. Only microphones that are very close to the microphone can catch the sound so they are used in many noisy places outside. However, the overall sound quality of this type of microphone is slightly lower than that of a condenser microphone.

There are also some special microphones such as Boom Microphone for making short videos, Clip Microphone for making interviews and tutorials, Shotgun Microphone for blogging on YouTube.

The microphone has different directional moods. Such as-

Cardiac Mood: The microphones of this direction only catch sound from the front of the microphone and the other three directions from the back, right, and the left does not catch any sound.

Bi-Directional Mode:  Microphones of this direction can catch sound from front and back but cannot take any sound from the left and right of the microphone.

Omni-Directional Mode:  Microphones of this direction can catch the same sound from all around it.