Umbrella Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Umbrella Buying in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a rainy country so it rains most of the months. Sometimes it rains with thunder. Some months are called monsoon season when incessant rains almost flood the roads, fields and houses of the area. At that time umbrella was one of the main companions for everyone to go to school, high school, college or university. Umbrella prices are quite affordable for everyone and if you follow the tips below you will find good quality umbrellas online in Bangladesh.

Size:  The size of the umbrella should be large enough to cover a single person. The length must be ideal so that the umbrella fits in your backpack or is easy to carry. Umbrellas are usually 10-11 inches long. Keep in mind that carrying a very large umbrella may not be convenient. Some umbrellas can be folded and some umbrellas can be folded double.

Frame: The frame is a very important factor to define the quality of the umbrella. The frame protects the umbrella from breaking during high winds. So, look at the firmness of the frame. Some umbrellas have double frames and are long lasting.

Fabric: Umbrella fabric should be light and durable. It should be protected not only from rain but also from the sun.

Color: Black color always works in any condition of rain or sunlight. However, anyone should choose the color of his choice.

Price: Most of the umbrellas manufactured in Bangladesh and the quality is excellent. So the price of umbrella is very low. In Bangladesh you can get an umbrella for 350 Taka. Prices of good quality folding umbrellas start from Taka 500 and the price of fashionable umbrellas is a little higher.

Age of user: Consider the age of the users. If it is for children, buy an umbrella that is small in size. If it is for older people then a simple umbrella without folds works much better as this task can be difficult for them to do.

Best Umbrella Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best umbrella list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best umbrella list has been created based on the interest for umbrella buyers of BD Stall.

Umbrella Model Price in BD
Capsule Umbrella ৳ 549
BMW Motorsport Umbrella ৳ 490
Original BMW Automatic 12-Sticks Umbrella ৳ 990
BMW Motorsport 12-Sticks Automatic Umbrella ৳ 760
Transparent 3-Fold Imported Umbrella ৳ 690
Lady's Capsule Umbrella ৳ 600
Double Layer Windproof Reverse Folding C-Hook Umbrella ৳ 870
Maytto Mini Windproof Vented Umbrella ৳ 980