Saint Martin Ship Ticket Price in Bangladesh

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Ship Ticket Buying in Bangladesh

Saint Martin is the southernmost coral island of Bangladesh. It is a trendy place for travelers. A lot of tourists visit Saint Martin Island in Bangladesh every year from November to March. However, travel to Saint Martin should be done with budget, time, and local conditions in advance.

How to get to Saint Martin?

St. Martin in Bangladesh is usually accessible from Chittagong, Teknaf, and Cox's Bazar by various modes including ships, speedboats, and trawlers. However, it is best to travel by ship for the most risk-free travel.

Cox's Bazar to Saint Martin

At present, you can go directly to Saint Martin by ship from Cox's Bazar. MV Bar Auliya ship and Karnaphuli Express ship regularly ply from Cox's Bazar to St. Martin. So, you can travel directly from Cox's Bazar to Saint Martin without going to Teknaf.

Teknaf to Saint Martin

There is a daily ferry service from Teknaf to Saint Martin during certain times of the year such as November to April. However, during other times of the year, speed boats and fishing trawlers have to go. Currently, there are some notable ships from Teknaf including MB Farhan, Carey Sindabad, Atlantic, MV Sukant Babu, and MV Parizat, which can easily go to St. Martin.

Chittagong to Saint Martin

Currently, there are ships from Chittagong directly to Saint Martin Island. At present one can go directly from Chittagong to St. Martin with MV Bay-One ship ticket. Therefore, one can travel directly from Chittagong to St. Martin by ship without going to Teknaf to go to St. Martin. This ship departs for Saint Martin at 11:00 AM and returns between 3:00 PM and 3:30 PM. It takes 4 hours to go from Chittagong to Saint Martin by this ship.

How much is the ticket price of St. Martin Ship?

Ticket prices for St. Martin ships usually start from Tk 700, which depart from Teknaf. Ticket prices for St. Martin in Bangladesh generally vary depending on factors such as schedule, facilities, and distance. Cox's Bazar to St. Martin ship ticket price is available between Tk 1,000 to Tk 1,500. Also, Chittagong to Saint Martin ship ticket prices start from Tk 2,000.

Tips for buying Saint Martin Ship Ticket

While buying Saint Martin ship ticket, there are a few important tips to consider to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. Which will help buy ship ticket.

  • Plan and book ticket before traveling to Saint Martin.
  • Several ships ply from Cox's Bazar/Teknaf/Chittagong to St. Martin Island. Hence, booking should be done after checking the schedule, facilities, and prices as per preference and budget.
  • St. Martin's Island is far away from Cox's Bazar/Teknaf/Chittagong, so the sailing duration may vary. Hence, travel duration has to be considered along with vessel selection.
  • Also, ticket booking can be made from the online website of almost all the shipping companies going to Saint Martin nowadays, which is convenient and saves time. Moreover, in the case of ticket booking for traveling to Saint Martin, both the outbound and return ticket must be booked.