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Bed Buying in Bangladesh

Bed is an important thing in our daily needs. Rest or sleep is one of the greatest activities of human life. The better the rest or sleep, the easier it is to prepare for the next day's work. And a good quality bed helps to complete this rest or sleep. Not only that, this bed works to enhance the beauty of the room. Different types of bed designs are available in Bangladesh. It is known as Khat in Bangladesh.

What is the price of bed in Bangladesh?

Bed price in Bangladesh start from Tk 16,000 and at this price you can get mahogany wooden Khat that are lacquered and 5 x 7 feet in size. The price of bed depends on its quality, design and color.

Some tips to know before buying a Bed:

There are several tips for buying a bed. And if you follow these tips before buying this bed, it is possible to get a good quality bed. So before buying a bed, you should know the following tips:

1. First of all, before buying a bed, you need to know the size of the room where the bed will be placed. To get the perfect bed according to the room, it is better to buy a bed with a maximum of one and a half of the four quarters of the room. Buying a bed according to this measurement will maintain the beauty of the room. If the room is too big or too small, it will look out of place.

2. In the second stage, we need to see how many people will use this bed. If it is for a single person, it is better to buy a single bed. Different sizes of beds are known by different names. For example: Single Bed 92 x 188 cm, Long Single Bed 92 x 203 cm, King Single Bed 107 x 203 cm, Double Bed 138 x 188 cm, Queen Bed 153 x 203 cm, King Bed 183 x 203 cm and Super King Bed 203 x 203 cm in size. So first you need to know about the number of people and the type of bed size.

3. If there is any other furniture in the room, it is necessary to determine the exact size for which the bed and the size of all the furniture are coordinated. If less is more, the room will look untidy and the beauty of the room will be lost.

4. Before buying a bed, you need to know what the bed is made of. Learn about what wood, what leather and accessories. The durability of the bed depends on the material. So it is very important to know these things. For example, good quality wooden bed will be very durable and lightweight and are available in BD at very low prices.

5. Many things depend on the design of the bed. The color, design, structure of the bed enhances the beauty of the house. So select the design in advance regarding what kind of design you want to get and which design will suit everything in the room. For example, many people like box beds because of the convenience of making extra drawers. And the luxury bed design can be any type of modern design, old fashion design.

6. Extra bed space is required. Reading a book while reclining on the bed is a habit and a way of enjoyment for many people. But because there is no separate place, after reading the book, you have to get up again and leave the book and go to sleep. But if you keep an extra place, you can keep books or cups in that place after reading the book or after drinking tea and coffee. So having such extra space on one side of the bed is very beneficial.

Best Bed Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best bed list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best bed list has been created based on the interest for bed buyers of BD Stall.

Bed Model Price in BD
Kids Full Bedroom Set JFW304 ৳ 68,000
GF6152 Trendy Design Leather Bed ৳ 48,999
Gorgeous Looking Premium Bed ৳ 30,000
Luxurious Looking New Arrival Bed ৳ 28,000
Experience Luxury & Comfort with Premium Bed Design ৳ 29,000
Upgrade Home Decoration with Luxurious Bed Design ৳ 80,000
Decorate Home with European Style Bed ৳ 95,000
Enhance Home Decoration with Modern Bed Design ৳ 83,000
Elevate Bedroom into European Style Full Set ৳ 149,000
Space Saving Kid's Bunk Bed JFW904 ৳ 56,000