Commode Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Commode provides the most effective sanitation system in maintaining safe hygiene. It is made up of a porcelain or ceramic bowl, a water tank, and a flushing process. Moreover, commode allows for easy disposal of waste. It reduces pollution and helps maintain a clean environment in residential houses, public buildings, offices, hotels, and other establishments. Currently, RAK, Gazi, Rosa, and other popular brands of commode have gained immense popularity in Bangladesh as they provide comfortable and modern sanitation systems for managing safe hygiene.

Type of commode

Different type of commode is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh as per the needs and requirements. The notable commode is:

1. High Commode: This type of commode is usually designed with a tall height. High commode is generally suitable for the elderly, patients with mobility problems, and maternity women. It provides comfortable seating. It is also quite easy to use. Currently, high-commode is available at affordable price in Bangladesh in various styles and designs.

2. Low Commode: It is better to use a low commode for people who prefer to sit in a low position or because of difficulty in toileting in a high position. This type of commode is located close to the ground and is easy to use.

3. Wall-Mounted Commode: This type of commode is set up directly against the wall, giving the bathroom a sleek and modern outlook. Wall-mounted commode hangs from the floor. Moreover, this type of commode can be easily set up in a small space and is also quite easy to clean and maintain.

4. Two-piece Commode: This type of commode is designed with a separate tank and bowl. This type of commode is ideal for home use. Two-piece commode is flexible enough in terms of installation and maintenance. Additionally, the tank and bowl can be purchased separately or as a set.

5. One-piece Commode: One-piece commode usually have the tank and bowl attached. This type of commode is quite sleek and compact. Moreover, one-piece commode is quite comfortable to use. Also cleaning and maintenance becomes quite easy.

6. Smart Commode: This type of commode is designed with features like automatic flush, heated seat, bidet function, and adjustable water pressure. As a result, the smart commode is quite comfortable. Nowadays, smart commode have become quite popular in Bangladesh with the development of technology.

7. Urinal Commode: This type of commode is usually long, and can be wall-mounted. The urinal commode is built with modern technology and smart features to ensure a hygienic and sterile environment. Moreover, this type of commode is widely used in places like educational institutions, offices, and bus terminals.

Commode Price

Currently, commode price in Bangladesh starts at Tk 8,000, which is made of ceramic material and has a dual flash system. Moreover, commode price in Bangladesh varies mainly depending on the brand, quality, design, and other features. Combining an ergonomic design, superior quality, and features, commode is available from Tk 14,000 to Tk 30,000. Also, commode with a heated seat, bidet functionality, and automatic flash system is available in a budget of Tk 40,000 to Tk 60,000 in Bangladesh.

Things to consider when buying Commode

Flash Type: Flash type is a very important factor to consider when buying a commode. Currently, two types of flash are available with commodes: gravity flash and pressure-assisted flash. Commodes with gravity flushes typically use gravity to remove waste. As a result, commode flashing makes less noise and requires less maintenance. Pressure-assisted flush commodes, on the other hand, use air pressure to increase flushing power. As a result, flushing is noisy and requires maintenance. So the type of flash should be checked while buying the commode.

Commode Style: Currently, various types of commodes including high-commode, low-commode, and smart commode are available at affordable price on the popular online marketplace as per customer demand. And, depending on the commode style, the overall design of the bathroom emerges. Hence, it is best to consider traditional, contemporary, and modern designs while buying a commode.

Bowl Size and Shape: The size and shape of the commode bowl generally affects the comfort and functionality of the user. Commode with a round bowl saves space and is easy to set up in small-scale bathrooms. On the other hand, a larger bowl tends to be more comfortable, which is good for larger bathrooms. Moreover, some bowl is available in skirted designs, which is very easy to clean. Therefore, the size and shape of the commode bowl should be considered while buying the commode.

Efficient Water Supply: Commodes with efficient water supply systems should be considered It has features like a dual flush mechanism, which helps in considering partial flush for liquid waste and complete flush for solid waste. As a result, water consumption will be less in the case of commode use.

Flapperless Tank: Some commode is designed with flapperless tanks, which eliminates the need for traditional flapper valves. Flapperless tank requires less maintenance by using a canister or tower-style flushing process. Therefore, a flapperless tank should be considered when purchasing a commode.

Dual Flush Technology: Dual flush technology counts the amount of water used for each flush. This type of technology usually provides two buttons for partial flush and full flush. Hence, dual flash technology should be checked while buying a commode.

Touchless Flushing: Currently, commode is available with touchless flushing sensors, which activate the flush mechanism when you move your hand after using the toilet. As a result, there is no need to press a flush lever or button when using the commode, which helps maintain safe hygiene.

Seat Height: When buying a commode, you must consider the height of the commode seat. Especially easy for people with mobility problems or the elderly.

Trap way: The trap way is the part of the base of the commode that carries waste from the bowl to the drainpipe. Larger trap way diameters prevent waste clogging in the commode and help improve flushing performance. Therefore, a fully glazed trapway commode should be considered when purchasing a commode.