TDS Meter Price in Bangladesh 2024

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TDS Meter Buying in Bangladesh

Total Dissolved Solids in water is measured by a TDS meter. To check whether the water is suitable for drinking, the TDS of the water is measured using a TDS meter. A TDS meter measures the amount of TDS in water in parts per million, commonly known as ppm. In Bangladesh currently, TDS meter is also commonly known as TDS tester. TDS meter with different features based on the requirements of the users is currently available at BDstall at a low price.

What is the price of TDS meter in Bangladesh?

Currently, the price of a TDS meter is determined on the basis of its features, accuracy and quality. TDS meter price in Bangladesh starts from TK 450 which's TDS measurement range from 0 to 9990. Moreover, a TDS meter with TDS measurement as well as temperature and digital display cost a bit more.

What else to know before buying a TDS meter?

Water is the most used material in daily life. And the quality of water can be checked easily through a TDS machine. So, before buying a TDS machine, some of its special features should be checked and verified.

1. TDS Range: The TDS range refers to the range of total dissolved solids in water that can be measured in parts per million by a TDS machine. The measuring range of a TDS meter is generally lower and higher. Hence, a TDS machine with a specific measurement ppm range should be selected as per requirement.

2. TDS Accuracy: The accuracy of the TDS meter varies depending on the model. Moreover, the TDS meters commonly available in Bangladesh can measure with an accuracy of ± 2 percent. However, before purchasing a TDS machine, its measurement accuracy should be verified.

3. TDS Calibration: The stage at which the TDS of water can be accurately measured using a TDS meter is called TDS calibration. TDS calibration is usually best done at 25°C. Besides, TDS meters with automatic TDS calibration are available in Bangladesh market. However, the cost of TDS meters with automatic calibration is relatively high.

4. Display: TDS meters include small and large digital displays. After measuring the TDS of water and other properties, the TDS is displayed on the meter's display. Therefore, the TDS machine should be collected considering the value of the display as per requirement.

5. Temperature Measurement: Most TDS machines measure temperature in addition to measuring total dissolved solids in water. Therefore, a TDS meter should be selected based on the requirement of whether the particular TDS machine can measure temperature accurately and its level of temperature measurement accuracy.

6. Quality: Before buying a TDS tester you must check its quality. Because the better the quality of the tester, the longer it can be used and the more accurate information about the amount of TDS in the water can be collected.

Also, check whether the price of the TDS meter is right in proportion to its features and quality.

Why use TDS machine to test water quality?

A TDS meter is the only way to measure Total Dissolved Solids in water anywhere within seconds. And, whether the water is pure enough for human consumption can be easily determined. Besides, testing water quality with TDS meter is relatively cost-effective and this method is not time-consuming.

Best TDS Meter Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best tds meter list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best tds meter list has been created based on the interest for tds meter buyers of BD Stall.

TDS Meter Model Price in BD
Hanna HI98301 DiST-1 TDS Meter with Auto Calibration ৳ 8,000
Ezdo Cond-5021 Water Conductivity Tester ৳ 6,850
Salinity Meter ৳ 35,500
Xiaomi Mi TDS Water Quality Tester Meter ৳ 1,650
Clean CON30 Large LCD Waterproof and Dustproof TDS Tester ৳ 12,500
Hanna HI98301 DiST1 TDS Meter ৳ 1,700
Digital TDS Water Quality Tester Meter with Auto Shut-Off ৳ 450
Hanna HI-98319 Waterproof Salinity Tester ৳ 9,500
TDS Test Meter ৳ 4,500
TDS & EC 3-In-1 Handheld TDS Meter ৳ 800