TDS Meter

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৳ 4,500
4 days ago
TDS Test Meter

TDS Meter offers high accuracy /TDS in a single tester! No more switching between meters for your routine measurements....

৳ 1,900
8 hours ago
Hanna HI98301 DiST1 TDS Meter

Large multi-level LCD display, TDS and temperature readings simultaneously, 0 to 2000 ppm TDS range, automatic...

৳ 12,500
1 day ago
Clean CON30 Large LCD Waterproof and Dustproof TDS Tester

Clean CON30 conductivity TDS salinity tester has broad measuring range 0.0 µS/cm -20.00mS/cm, from pure water to waste...

৳ 4,500
10 days ago
Smart Sensor AR8011 TDS / Conductivity Meter

Large LCD display, 0 - 50°C working temperature, ≤85% RH working humidity, 0 μS - 1999 μS conductivity...

৳ 350
8 hours ago
Portable Industrial TDS Meter

Measure drinking water quality instantly, plug and play, instant and accurate result.

৳ 600
8 hours ago
TDS & EC 3-In-1 Handheld TDS Meter

Ideal for water measurement, automatic temperature compensation, 0-5000 PPM conductivity, 0-9990 ppm TDS, white color,...

৳ 300
3 months ago
Digital TDS Water Quality Tester Meter with Auto Shut-Off

Digital TDS water quality tester meter has 0 - 50 °C temperature range, TDS range 0-9990ppm/mg/L, 10 minutes auto...

৳ 6,499
2 months ago
Hanna Instruments HI98301 DiST1 EC & TDS Tester 2000PPM

Measures electrical conductivity / total dissolved solids / temperature, waterproof, up to 2000 ppm (mg/L), rugged &...

৳ 11,000
9 months ago
Clean CON30 Large LCD Waterproof TDS Conductivity Meter

Large LCD with backlight, 4 parameters in one meter with simple calibration, ideal for pure water and waste water,...