Hajj Package 2024 Price from Bangladesh

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Hajj is essentially one of the five pillars of Islam prescribed for the Muslim Ummah around the world. It is mainly held in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Every year between the 8-12th of the Arabic month of Zilhajj, people from all over the world and from Bangladesh gather to perform Hajj. However, according to the agreement between the Bangladesh government and the Saudi government, a certain number of people are allowed to go for Hajj. Currently, various government-approved travel agencies in Bangladesh are providing affordable Hajj packages as per the needs of Hajj pilgrims.

Type of Hajj Package

Government-approved and private travel agencies offer a variety of Hajj packages at an affordable price in Bangladesh. However, the Hajj package cost varies depending on the package generally service, accommodation, and other facilities. Public and private Hajj packages are as per the cost determined by the Government of Bangladesh:

Government Hajj Package: Hajj 2024 Government has decided on two packages for general Haj pilgrims from the Ministry of Religion. The packages are

  • General Hajj Package: This package is arranged by Bangladesh Government for general Hajj pilgrims. This package includes essential services for ordinary Hajj pilgrims to perform Hajj such as accommodation, transportation, food, and guidance from government-appointed officials among others. A general Hajj package in Bangladesh can collect a minimum of Tk 578,840.
  • Special Hajj Package: The special Hajj package will also be provided by the Bangladesh government but has additional facilities and services compared to the normal package. It includes other services like upgraded accommodation, VIP transportation, and additional assistance. Special Hajj packages in Bangladesh can be procured for a minimum of Tk 936,320.

Private Hajj Package: Apart from the limited number of official Hajj pilgrims, there are arrangements for private Hajj in Bangladesh. However, there are package arrangements for going to Hajj privately as per the cost set by the government. However, a wide range of private Hajj packages is based on accommodation, food, transportation, and other facilities. The private Hajj packages prescribed by the government are:

  • General Hajj Package: Private travel agencies mainly provide this package. The unofficial general Hajj package includes accommodation, transportation, and food facilities. Apart from that, private travel agencies run their teams offering various guides. Also, the amenities of the general Hajj package vary depending on the private travel agency. However, this package will cover the basic requirements for performing Hajj. Hajj packages are available privately in Bangladesh for Tk 589,800.
  • Special Hajj Package: Special package is also offered by private travel agencies, which offer better services and facilities. In addition to luxury accommodation, the privately tailored package can include personalized Haj travel assistance, single access to designated areas, and optional extras. Privately, special Haj packages are available within a budget of Tk 699,300.

Moreover, apart from the government and private budgets, Hajj pilgrims can add various facilities to the Hajj package according to their needs. However, Haj pilgrims have to bear separate costs for the facilities.

Hajj Package Price in Bangladesh

The price of Hajj packages varies mainly depending on the accommodation, food, transportation, and other facilities included. Hajj package price in Bangladesh are generally available within a budget starting from a minimum of Tk 5,79,000 to Tk 9,36,500. Packages in Bangladesh according to the needs of Haj pilgrims-

Hajj Package under Tk 1,695,000

Hajj package in Bangladesh is usually available at Tk 1,695,000, which provides around 14 days of accommodation in a 5-star hotel at zero meter distance from Makkah, buffet breakfast in a 5-star hotel, and dinner with experienced Hajj guide assistance. Also, this Hajj package offers other benefits including private transportation, a Saudi Arabian Airlines visa, and a return air ticket. Moreover, the cost of Hajj package varies slightly depending on the number of Hajj passengers.

Hajj Package under Tk 1,245,000

Hajj package available in Bangladesh from Tk 1,245,000 offer 14-18 days stay in 5-star hotel accommodation at zero meter or 3-minute walking distance, buffet breakfast at 5-star hotel, dinner, and experienced Hajj guide. In addition, it offers other benefits including luxury AC bus travel to all destinations, Saudi Airline Visa, and Hajj Air Tickets. However, considering the number of Haj pilgrims, the price of this Hajj package in Bangladesh ranges from Tk 1,341,000 to Tk 1,535,000.

Hajj package under Tk 1,095,000

Hajj package is available in Bangladesh for Tk 1,095,000, which includes 16-day stay in 5-star hotel at zero meter distance from Makkah, food from a Bangladeshi restaurant, an expert Hajj guide, and an AC bus for transportation. Also, Saudi Airlines provides all other facilities including Hajj air tickets. However, the price of this Hajj package varies depending on the number of Hajj passengers.

Hajj Package under Tk 1,012,000

Hajj package in Bangladesh is generally available within a budget of Tk 1,012,000 to Tk 1,393,000. This package includes accommodation within 200 meters from Makkah Al Haram, 14-18 days of accommodation, and 3-meal Bangladeshi meals provided. Also, this Hajj package offers the facility of staying in economy tents at Mina and Arafat, returning air tickets, and traveling by luxury AC bus to Makkah and Madinah.

Hajj Package under Tk 978,000

Hajj package in Bangladesh is generally available within a budget of Tk 978,000 to Tk 1,070,000. This package mainly includes accommodation at zero meter distance from Al Haram, buffet breakfast at 5-star hotel, and lunch-dinner from Bangladeshi restaurant. Also, under this Hajj package in Bangladesh, Sisa hotel accommodation on Hajj days, an expert Hajj guide, an AC bus for transportation with Saudia Biman return air ticket, and other facilities are provided.

Hajj Package under Tk 875,000

Hajj package in Bangladesh is usually available between Tk 875,000 to Tk 995,000. This package provides accommodation within 300 meters from Makkah for a 14-30 days stay, 3 Bangladeshi meals, an experienced Hajj guide, and a Hajj group air ticket with Saudia Airlines.

Hajj Package under Tk 738,000

Hajj package in Bangladesh is usually available within a budget of Tk 738,000 to Tk 897,000. This package provides 14-40 days of accommodation within 750 meters from Makkah, 3 Bangladeshi meals, experienced Hajj guide for small groups. Also, AC tented accommodation facilities at Mina and Arafat, Hajj group air ticket return, Hajj transport services in Saudi Arabia, and group ziyarat facilities at Makkah, Madinah, and Taif.

Hajj Package under Tk 642,000

Hajj package in Bangladesh is usually available within a budget of Tk 642,000 to Tk 787,000. This package provides 14-40 days of accommodation in Makkah, Madinah, 3 meals of Bangladeshi meals, and 5 times Namaz Al Haram in the congregation. Besides providing accommodation in AC tents at Mina and Arafat, the Hajj Group also provides air return tickets and transportation for travel.

Hajj Package under Tk 595,000

Hajj package in Bangladesh is usually available between Tk 595,000 to Tk 743,000. This package provides accommodation for 14-25 days at a distance of 700 meters or 8 8-minute walk from Makkah, Madinah, 3-meal Bangladeshi meals, return air ticket, transportation for travel, and other facilities.

Things to Check before taking Hajj Package

Authorized Travel Agency: Before taking the Hajj package, official media and travel agencies should verify whether the packages are registered with the Bangladesh government and have proper approval.

Package Verification: The packages provided by the agency should be checked for quality including accommodation, transportation, food, and access to religious places, among others.

Package Costs and Terms: Before taking the Hajj package, review all Hajj package costs, VAT, deposit amount, payment installments, and payment time limit.

Hajj Duration: Before purchasing the Hajj package, one must check the Hajj travel schedule and the time limit for staying in Saudi Arabia to see if the facilities for visiting other religious sites are included.

Group Size and Accommodation: Before purchasing the Hajj package, check the number of members covered by the package and the accommodation arrangements. Also, check whether there is a separate housing arrangement for family members or spouses living together.

Transport: The agency should verify whether the transport used for urban and extra-urban travel is reliable and safe.

Medical Assistance: It should be verified that adequate medical assistance including medical assistance, emergency services, and health care vaccinations is available during Haj travel and stay.

Guide / Operator: To verify that proper customer support is available by the Hajj operator before, during, and after the Hajj journey. Also, find out if they will provide a 24/7 helpline system and a designated point of contact in case of emergency.

Hajj Registration

Steps of registration through private channel:
1. NID card for pilgrims above 18 years of age, birth certificate for pilgrims below 18 years of age, and birth certificate, work permit, or driving license for non-resident Bangladeshi pilgrims living abroad are required to register through private channels.

2. To register privately, the pilgrim must go to the authorized Hajj agency of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

3. The Hajj agency will enter the information of the pilgrim's NID in the registration system and create a voucher for depositing the registration fee in the bank. After completing the Hajj registration and collecting the registration form by depositing the specified amount in the bank with the Hajjatri voucher. Moreover, after the registration is completed, a registration confirmation SMS will be sent to the mobile of the pilgrim entered into the system.

4. Under 18 years of age, women and non-resident Bangladeshi pilgrims must register with a pilgrim who has a Bangladeshi NID.

5. The list of Hajj agencies participating in the registration process through private channels can be seen at this link

6. You can get any information about Hajj using e-Hajj BD mobile apps.