Archway Gate Price in Bangladesh

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Archway Gate Buying in Bangladesh

An archway gate is a type of door that people walk through and it instantly detects when someone has metal. Due to its sufficient height, small and tall people and even very tall people can easily come and go under it. It is placed at a main entrance as this is where most people come and go.

Where are archway gates used?

Archway gates or walk through metal detectors are used in high traffic areas. For example, it is used in various places including schools, colleges, hospitals, fairs, malls, markets, super shops, government or private offices, banks.

What are the advantages of archway gate or walk through metal detector?

There are several benefits that come with using archway gates. These benefits are mentioned below:

Detection zone:

Different types of archway gates with zone scanning are available in Bangladesh market. Their detection zone basically refers to how far the door can scan a person. For example, a door with 6 zones will scan a person into 6 parts to see if there is anything metal in the body. If found after scanning, it will beep. There are also archway gates or walk through metal detectors with different detection zones in Bangladesh. They will signal which part of the body metal is found by the lights on the side body of this door.


Basically these metal detectors work through power and charging. It consumes very little power as required to run a mobile and laptop. It operates using 35 watts of power which is very low for such a large device.

Other features:

It has metal detection, how many people entered and exited, time, temperature, powerless operation, and can be customized and conveniently used.

What is the price of archway gate in Bangladesh?

Archway gates used in Bangladesh are generally priced between Tk 40,600 to Tk 5,00,000. The price of an archway gate or walk through metal detector in Bangladesh depends on its brand, model, number of detection zones, size and features. They are light in weight and can be easily placed anywhere.