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Secuscan AT-300B 18-Zones Walk Through Metal Detector Gate

Secuscan AT-300B 18-Zones Walk Through Metal Detector Gate
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Metal Detector

Secuscan AT-300B archway metal detector gate has 18 pinpoint zones to precisely target multiple locations from head to toe of human body, can detect ferrous and Non-ferrous articles by advanced broadband direction technology, sensitivity adjustable from level 0 to 300, can detect a pin, detect big metals such as knife, gun, and copper, aluminums, zinc more than 150g while ignoring metal in belt button / shoes / etc, shock proof to avoid false alarm, tamper proof, intelligent traffic and alarm counters that calculate traffic flow and resultant alarms, mix distance between two walk through 0.3 meters at low sensitivity and 0.5 meters at high sensitivity, harmless to pregnant woman and heart pacemaker, four LED light bars.

Metal Detector Type Archway
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