Processor Price in BD 2024

The latest processor price in BD around 12,500 Taka which is compatible CPU only for desktop and this processor is ideal for all kind of task. Laptop processor usually does not available in the market separately. If you have low budget but want a powerful processor then buy core i5 or i7 with the lowest generation then it will save a lot of money but it will provide the almost closer performance of the latest CPU and this trick is frequently used in Bangladesh. In BD, the new and used condition processor are also available and remember that processor does not usually get damaged and can perform for a long time and for that reason this is an option for cheap CPU. Read more

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Processor Buying in Bangladesh

Every computer needs a processor to make it work, just like a human brain needs to work, whatever the computer is big or small. Processes the user's input with the appropriate program or application, publishes the results to the user, and processes everything until it is stored on a storage device. Ordinary desktop computers or laptops are capable of displaying results by completing any instruction in 1 million parts of 1 second, which supercomputers can do in 1 billion parts of 1 second. In BD, earlier generation processor can be purchased at low price as the new generation is emerged. Lets look at some knowhow-

Which processor brand is good in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, there are two popular companies for computer processor - Intel and AMD. Though AMD has some running series, Intel is more popular.

Intel Processor:

Intel core i3 processor is ideal for browsing Internet, watching movies, and other common task for daily use.

Intel i5 processor perfects for a little bit gaming, photo editing, browsing and so on.

Intel Core i7 processor is more advanced and ideal for high-end gaming, audio-video editing, programming and applications that require powerful processing.

Core i9 processor is a new series and almost same as Core i7 but has faster processing power, more cores, and more cache.

AMD Processor:

AMD is a high-performance processor for gaming, streaming and VR with clever machine intelligence and advanced processing.

What should be the minimum budget in BD?

Processor price in BD starts from 400 Taka but this is quite earlier generation processor and can do very simple task.  This is good for school, training center where many PCs are required but has few budget. The good performance processor price in BD at least 2,000 Taka where this can do one's regular task smoothly. If more powerful processor is required then the price will be at least 3,000 Taka in Bangladesh but it will give tremendous performance. Processor price usually depends in the number of cores and its generation, processor family, security features and advanced technology its supports. Some processor includes graphics chip so it will cost little more but in total the savings will be a lot.  

What type of processor is good for freelancer in Bangladesh?

Freelancer can use any processor that can run most of the complex application and this type of processor will cost in Bangladesh around 4,000 Taka. The processor family will be core i5.

What is the best processor for designers of BD?

Designers need more complex processing power so Core i7 or i9 family will be best and this processor price in BD will be from 5,000 Taka to 40,000 Taka. However, the power of this processor could do whatever task you want to do very easily.

What is the cheapest processor for students of Bangladesh?

Students can choose any processor in Bangladesh that is low in price but has decent performance. The dual core processor is enough and price in Bangladesh starts from around 500 Taka which can do very basic task. Keep in mind the performance will be slow for the latest software. However, it is able to run earlier version of Windows, MS word and browser very smoothly.

What is the right processor for gamers?

Gamers need the same type of processor as designers. In a word, any of this type configuration can meet the demand for both. So, core i7 or Core i9 are the first choice. However, Core i9 is suggested to buy as new games are releasing so fast and price of this processor also drops in Bangladesh recently.

What processor features to be look at?

Processor price and quality in Bangladesh usually depends on its features so lets know some important features. 

Processor clock frequency:

The processing power of a processor depends on its clock frequency. The processor is like a door called a clock. Clock frequency is the amount of clock speed of a processor through which all the signals of 0 and 1 come and go. The door of this clock will open and close as many times as 0 and 1 will come and go. The faster the door opens and closes, the faster the instruction process.

Processor speed:

The processing power of a processor is calculated as a fraction of a millionth of a second. Simply put, 1 GHz of a processor means it takes 1 billionths of a second to complete a calculation. In other words, the clock gate of the processor is opened and closed 1 billion times in 1 second.

Multi-core processor:

Nowadays, in order to increase the performance of modern computer processors, multiple processors are placed in the CPU chip in the processor so that the instruction execution capacity of the computer is increased and the execution time is also reduced. Quick results can be published in a very short time. Which is allows all processor cores in a CPU chip to work simultaneously.

Processor cache memory:

Processor cache memory is an important factor associated with processor performance. When the CPU is working with the same type of data over and over again, it temporarily stores that data in its cache memory to facilitate the work.

Socket compatibility:

Considering the socket compatibility is the one of the main things. It should be compatible with the motherboard. Intel processor usually support Intel chipset and AMD processor support AMD chipset. In, Bangladesh both type of socket is available in the motherboard.

Integrated graphics:

Some processors comes with graphics chip built-in so extra card is not required to do the basic graphics processing. If it's not there then either you have to buy a motherboard with on-board graphics or buy extra card.

Thermal cooler:

Processor will generate heat and specially when running complex graphics application. So, check if the processor has  cooler with it otherwise extra cooler needs to be purchased. In Bangladesh, box processors usually has cooler in it.

Best Processor Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best processor list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best processor list has been created based on the interest for processor buyers of BD Stall.

Processor Model Price in BD
Intel 11th Gen Core i5-11400 Processor ৳ 12,500
Intel Core i3-4130 4th Genaration Processor ৳ 400
Intel Core i3 6th Generation Processor ৳ 1,500
Intel Core i5 7th Generation Processor ৳ 4,300
Intel Core i5 7400 7th Generation 6MB Cache 3.5GHz Processor ৳ 5,200
Intel Core i7 4th Generation 3.4 GHz 8MB Cache Processor ৳ 3,800
Intel 7th Gen Core i7-7700 8MB Cache 4.2GHz Processor ৳ 9,300
Intel Core i5-8500 Desktop Processor ৳ 7,550
Intel Core i5-4590 Haswell Quad Core 3.3 GHz PC Processor ৳ 2,250
AMD Ryzen 5 5600G PC Processor ৳ 12,500