AMD Processor Price in Bangladesh

AMD is one of the world's leading computer processor manufacturers. Its full form is Advanced Micro Devices. It uses AMD for embedded processors and graphics processors for motherboard chipsets, personal computers, microprocessors, workstations and servers, digital televisions, automobiles, game controls, handheld devices and other embedded system applications. AMD replaces Intel with a microprocessor based on the X7 architecture.

The new series of AMD processors is Ryzen. There are four types of AMD processors available in the market today, namely, Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 6 and Ryzen 9. Ryzen 7 is a top quality processor like i7 in this CPU series. Like the i7, the Ryzen 7 has many CPU options, such as the Ryzen 8's 1600, 1600X, and 1600X.

This processor with three 8-core and 16-thread processors has the same performance as Intel's high-end chips and can compete with the performance of some Intel processors. The 1600X of the Ryzen 6 is currently the most powerful AMD Ryzen CPU with a speed of 3.6 GHz and up to 4.0 GHz when clocked and runs on only 95 watts.

The price of all types of Ryzen processors is comparatively low. It price is cheap but has good work performance.