Intel Processor Price in Bangladesh 2020

Intel's core processor comes after the Celeron processor and Pentium processor. The processor was previously used as one or more cores in the CPU. Each core of the CPU basically acts as a processing unit. Intel processors usually have two or four physical cores known as dual or quad cores.

After the 6th generation or in case of Skylake, Core i3 is seen as a two core processor. Skylake's Core i3, i5, i7 and latest i9 processors are currently available. In the case of the Extreme version of the Core i7, the number of cores is often higher. The higher the number of cores in the processor, the more comparable it is.

The processor turbo boost can be used to increase the clock speed of the Intel processor. However, Turbo Boost cannot or does not be used in the i3 processor. Other processors such as Core i5, i7, i9 Turbo Boost can also be used. If necessary, such a CPU can be performed at a higher speed than the base speed.

Core memory of the Core i3 processor ranges from 3 MB to a maximum of 4 MB, while other processors Core i5 and Core i7 cache memory range from 8 MB to 8 MB and Core i9 memory ranges from 10 MB, respectively.

The most important issue in the processor is the generation of the processor. This term is used only for Intel Processor. Generation is how advanced the quality of the processor that Intel makes every year is and how small it is. Each new generation of Intel processors uses these transistors and makes them available on the market. The smaller the transistors, the faster the computer processor will run and the more power it will output at lower power.