Moisture Meter Price in Bangladesh

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Moisture meter is a device for measuring the moisture content of various materials used in food grains, wood, textiles, and construction materials. Currently, digital moisture meters are widely used in agriculture, construction and wood industries in Bangladesh. Moisture meters are also used in BD to detect moisture in building materials such as concrete and drywall used in structural casting in the construction industry. Different types of grain moisture meters including pin-type meters, pinless meters and handheld meters are available in Bangladesh at affordable prices according to the variety of uses.

How many type of moisture meter available in Bangladesh?

There are different types of moisture meters in Bangladesh depending on the level of accuracy required and appropriate for measuring the moisture content of specific materials used in sectors such as agriculture, textile and construction industries. Some notable moisture meters available in Bangladesh are:

Pin Type Moisture Meter: This type of moisture meter consists of two pins which are inserted into the material to measure the moisture content. Moreover, the pin-type moisture machine has an electrical resistance which is used to determine the moisture content of the material being measured.

Pinless Moisture Meter: This type of moisture meter uses sensors that are placed on the material to be measured. The sensor then sends electromagnetic waves into the material and the meter measures the moisture content of the material.

Infrared Moisture Meter: Infrared moisture meter is mainly developed using infrared technology. Which is commonly used in BD to measure moisture in grain, nut, and other food product.

Also, pin type or pinless moisture meter is known as a handheld moisture meter due to its easy portability and ease of use. This type of moisture meter is commonly used in agriculture and construction industries in Bangladesh.

What is the price of moisture meter in Bangladesh?

Currently, the price of a moisture meter varies depending on the accuracy of moisture measurement, durability and other features. Moisture meter price in Bangladesh starts from TK 1,500 which is usually pin type moisture meter with display and humidity range from 5 to 40 percent. Also, pinless moisture meter with a digital display price starts from TK 6,000. Besides, the price of a moisture machine with advanced technology, backlighting, and LCD display is slightly higher.

What to look for before buying a moisture meter?

Before buying a moisture meter, it should be checked carefully whether it is able to determine the correct humidity and meet the needs of the user. So, to get the right moisture machine to meet the needs as well as ensure accurate readings, the following points should be considered:

1. Type of Meter: Pin-type moisture meters currently available in Bangladesh are very good for measuring the moisture content of wood and pinless moisture meters for measuring the moisture content of concrete and other construction materials. Therefore, one must first verify which type of digital moisture meter will be most suitable for the requirement.

2. Meter Display: A moisture meter should be considered, with a clear and easy-to-see display of moisture content. Currently, some grain moisture meters in BD offer a backlighting facility so that the user can easily take moisture readings from the display in low light.

3. Accurate Measurement: Choose a moisture meter capable of giving accurate moisture readings. Therefore, the accuracy rate and specifications of the moisture meter should be checked well before purchase.

4. Measuring Range: The user should select the correct moisture meter by verifying that it can provide a consistent humidity range with accurate readings of the instrument.

Besides, one has to consider whether the chosen digital moisture meter will meet the needs of the user as well as fit the budget. Because there are different prices of moisture machines in Bangladesh considering the usage pattern, durability and reliability.