Moisture Meter

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৳ 116,000
7 hours ago
Aqua Boy Textile Moisture Meter

Aqua Boy textile moisture meter of Germany for textile industry, with Standard Electrodes.

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14 hours ago
Schmidt DHT-1 Portable Digital Textile Moisture Meter

Schmidt DHT-1 digital textile moisture meter. DHT-1 is a multifunction instrument to determine the residual moisture of...

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14 hours ago
Schmidt TEM-I Analog Display Textile Moisture Meter

Schmidt TEM-I textile moisture meter to determine the residual moisture of yarn bobbins, fabric rolls, filaments, fiber...

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15 hours ago
Smart Sensor AR971 Portable Wood Digital Moisture Tester

Smart sensor AR971 portable digital wood moisture tester has 2% ~ 70% moisture meter measuring range, 0.5% resolution,...

৳ 8,800
1 day ago
Smart Sensor AR971 Pocket Wood Digital Moisture Tester

Smart Sensor AR971 pocket wood moisture digital tester has moisture meter measuring range 2%~70%, resolution 0.5%, auto...

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3 days ago
Mastech MS6900 Digital Wood 7 Material Moisture Meter

Mastech MS6900 Digital Wood moisture detectpr meter has temperature, humidity and moisture measuring, measure 7...

৳ 122,000
14 hours ago
Aqua Boy TM-1 Multiple Scale Textile Moisture Meter

Aqua boy TM-1 textile moisture meter has multiple scale for direct readings of wool / rayon and cotton, 0 - 100 scale...

৳ 125,000
1 day ago
Aqua Boy TEM-1 Portable Textile Digital Moisture Meter

Aqua Boy TEM-1 portable textile digital moisture meter has analog display, easy usage and direct reading. This textile...

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14 hours ago
Draminski WDN-108 Portable Moisture Meter for Seeds

Draminski WDN-108 portable moisture meter for Seeds, grains and cereals. Features are precision of measurements, great...

৳ 9,500
1 day ago
Smart Sensor AR991 Digital Display Grain Moisture Meter

Smart Sensor AR991 digital grain moisture meter has accuracy 0.1%, backlight display, grain moisture tester deviation...