Paper Cutting Machine Price in Bangladesh

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Paper Cutting Machine Buying in Bangladesh

Paper cutter machine is used to cut or trim many sheets of paper at a time into required shape. Paper cutting machine is also commonly known as paper trimmer machine. Different sizes of paper cutting machine is available in Bangladesh to cut or trim paper sheets of different sizes. Paper-cutting machine is used in various institutions including offices and educational institutions to cut paper and convert paper into different shapes as per requirement.

What is the price of paper cutting machine in Bangladesh?

Currently, paper cutter machine is priced based on its type, size, quality, and how many papers it can cut at once. Paper cutting machine price in Bangladesh starts from TK 1,000 which is usually a manual paper-cutting machine and can cut or trim up to 12 A4 size paper sheets at once. Moreover, a better quality paper cutting machine is available in Bangladesh for cutting or trimming hundreds of papers at once which costs a bit more.

How many type of paper-cutting machine available in Bangladesh?

Basically, four type of paper-cutting machine is available in Bangladesh based on need and usage. The type of paper-cutting machine is discussed in detail:

Manual Paper Cutter Machine: Manual paper cutter machine uses a separate handle to cut the paper. Manual paper cutter machines come in different sizes. And, manual paper cutter machine is available in Bangladesh at relatively low price. A manual paper cutter can easily cut or trim many sheets of paper at a time.

Rotary Paper Cutter Machine: Rotary paper cutter machine has a rotating blade on the side which can cut several sheets of paper by sliding at once. Rotary paper cutter machine is a type of manual paper cutter machine but this machine is relatively easy to operate and requires less labor. Moreover, rotary paper cutter is suitable for cutting a limited number of papers at once.

Stack Paper Cutter Machine: Stack paper cutter machines use a handle to cut the paper like a manual paper cutter machine. Up to one ream of paper can be cut or trimmed at a time using a stack cutter machine. The size of the stack paper cutter machine is relatively large. And, it tends to cost more than other manual paper-cutting machines. This paper-cutting machine is mostly used in printing presses.

Automatic Paper Cutter Machine: Automatic paper cutter machine is powered by electric energy. This cutting machine is available in small or large table sizes. Automatic paper cutter machines are used to cut different sizes of paper, cards, books, etc. The price of these cutting machines is comparatively the highest.

What to look for before buying a paper cutter machine?

Before buying a paper cutter machine, there are some things to keep in mind. Discussed in detail:

1. Type of Paper Cutting Machine: Before buying a paper cutting machine you must select the type of paper cutting machine as per your requirement. If you need to use several paper cutters occasionally, it is better to choose a manual paper cutter. Moreover, a stack paper cutting machine should be selected if more papers need to be cut at once. However, automatic paper-cutting machines are suitable for establishments like printing presses.

2. Paper Cutting Capacity: How many papers can be cut or trimmed simultaneously is the capacity of a paper cutting machine. As per the requirement, it has to be verified whether it can cut a certain amount of paper within a certain period of time.

3. Cutting Size: Consider the maximum paper size that the paper cutter is capable of cutting. It should be seen whether you can cut and trim paper of specific sizes such as A3, A4, B4, letter, legal, etc. according to the need.

4. Safety Lock: Sharp blades are used in paper-cutting machines. Therefore, it should be seen whether the paper-cutting machine has adequate safety measures. Unexpected accidents can be avoided due to paper cutting safety system.

5. Quality: Before buying a paper-cutting machine, check the material it is made of. Choose a paper cutter made of rustproof iron material that can be used for a long time.

Best Paper Cutting Machine Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best paper cutting machine list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best paper cutting machine list has been created based on the interest for paper cutting machine buyers of BD Stall.

Paper Cutting Machine Model Price in BD
Heavy Duty Paper Cutter Machine ৳ 34,000
Professional A4 Size Paper Cutting Machine ৳ 1,250
Trimmer B4 Guillotine High Quality Paper Cutter Machine ৳ 1,950
Honmei HM010406 Professional Quality Slot Puncher Machine ৳ 1,200
Professional A3 Paper Cutting Machine ৳ 2,250
High Quality B4 Size Professional Paper Cutting Machine ৳ 1,600
Sigo SG-GLD-A4 Manual Office Paper Cutter Machine ৳ 3,000
Silhouette Cameo-3 Touch LCD Screen Laser Cutting Machine ৳ 50,000
Bright Office A3 Paper Cutter Machine ৳ 2,300
High Quality A4 Size Professional Paper Cutting Machine ৳ 1,200