Networking Accessories

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৳ 1,500
13 days ago
Vivanco 1U Plastic Cable Manager

Vivanco 1U plastic cable manager.

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12 days ago
Panduit Horizontal Network Cable Manager 1U WMPSE

Panduit WMPSE horizontal network cable manager 1U front and rear.

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3 days ago
High Quality Pen Type Optical Fiber Visual Fault Locator

High quality optical fiber visual fault locator has pen type small size and easy to field test function, easy...

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12 days ago
Systimax Network Face Plate Dual / Single Shutter 2 Holes

Systimax network face plate has dual/ single shutter, plate of 2 holes, network module and phone module suitability,...

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2 days ago
Digital OBT-NP6650 IP Network Voltage Amplifier

Digital OBT-NP6650 IP network voltage amplifier has 3.5 inch TFT color screen, support wired network and WIFI wireless...

৳ 12,800
12 days ago
Panduit CPPL24WBL Network Patch Panel 24 Port Modular Jack

Panduit CPPL24WBL network patch panel has 24 ports with CAT-6 modular jack.

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13 days ago
Vivanco 24 Port Patch Panel Modular Jack

Vivanco 24 port patch panel with modular jack.

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3 days ago
5-Port 4K HDMI Switch with Remote Control

HDMI switch with remote control has 0.5 -1.0 volts p-p input video signal, 5 volts p-p input DDC signal, 1920 x 1080v...

৳ 5,000
19 days ago
HDBaseT HBT-E70 HDMI TO CAT-6 Extender Over Ethernet

HDBaseT HBT-E70 extender kit extends HDMI up to 330 feet over a single CAT5e or CAT-6 cable. The extender supports...

৳ 150,000
3 days ago
GEPON OLT BDCOM P3608-2TE Network Switch

GEPON OLT BDCOM P3608-2TE network switch has 8 x GEPON ports, up to 512 subscribers, 4 x 100 / 1000Mbps SFP uplink...