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৳ 9,500
5 days ago
Ethernet Port SFP 10G-SFP+ Copper RJ45 Transceiver

High performance integrated duplex data link for bi-directional communication over copper cable, 10G-SFP-T copper,...

৳ 4,000
8 days ago
Fiber Optic Media Converter Chassis 14 Slots Rack Mount

Fiber optic media converter chassis has 14 slots, rack mountable, arrange media converter nicely by this media...

৳ 650
1 day ago
Xiaomi Wi-Fi Repeater 2 300Mbps Amplifier Range Extender

Xiaomi Wi-Fi repeater 2 has 300Mbps transmission rate, USB interface, built-in antenna, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network frequency,...

৳ 84,000
2 days ago
Digital OBT-NP6650 IP Network Voltage Amplifier

Digital OBT-NP6650 IP network voltage amplifier has 3.5 inch TFT color screen, support wired network and WIFI wireless...

৳ 3,800
25 days ago
Rack Mount 14 Slots Fiber Optic Media Converter Chassis

Fiber optic media converter chassis has rack mountable, 14 slots, 2 power system option, arrange media converter nicely...

৳ 14,000
1 day ago
HDMI Extender Over Fiber Maximum 20KM with USB

Extend your HDMI for fibre network with maximum bandwith 155 Mbps.

৳ 44,000
4 days ago
Mini OTDR TM290 Touch Screen Multi-Function Tester

Lightweight, 1310/1550nm / 22/20dB / 0-60km OTDR, -70 ~ +10dbm or -50 ~ +26dbm optical power meter, >10mw visual fault...

৳ 1,800
7 days ago
Power Adapter LSP-POE-24-24W for Ubiquiti Radio

Power adapter LSP-POE-24-24W for Ubiquiti radios has power LED and US plug, earth grounding / ESD protection.

৳ 290
moment ago
EP-N8553 Mini USB Wireless Wi-Fi Adapter

Mini wireless wifi adapter 150 Mbps, auto switch network use 802.11n, USB adapter for laptop / desktop / IPTV box, 2.4...

৳ 7,800
5 days ago
Digital Output Monitoring 10G 20Km SFP Transceiver

Type single-mode fiber, 20km distance, 10Gb/s data rate, 1270nm/Rx:1330nm wavelength, ≤-22.0dBm sensitivity, WDM /...

৳ 2,100
19 days ago
Network Maintenance Tools Kit 9-in-1

Including cable tester / cable crimper / wire stripper / punch-down tool / screwdrivers crystal connectors, LAN network...

৳ 3,800
4 days ago
Baoyilon BYL-A1 Multi-Functional Network Cable Tester

Universal testing machine, RJ45 network cable tester and wire tracker.

৳ 1,200
1 day ago
PLC Fibre Optic Splitter with ABS Box

Splits the fibre optic light into several parts by a certain ratio and divide the light power to send to different...

৳ 3,550
5 days ago
GPON Module Class C++

Single fiber bi-directional data links asymmetric TX 2488Mbps / RX1244Mbps application, 1490nm continuous-mode DFB...

৳ 900
4 hours ago
Kelushi 10mW 10KM Visual Fault Locator Laser Cable

Test for both single-mode and multi-mode, ST / SC / FC interface fiber optic cable, 10KM red light output, 650nm bright...

৳ 3,200
5 days ago
Comfast 750Mbps Dual Band Wireless Router Repeater

Ideal for hotel / home high class wifi solution, dual frequency and stable signal, supports 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz dual...

৳ 4,500
8 days ago
Outdoor Waterproof 305M UTP CAT-6 Cable

High quality outdoor FTP CAT-6 cable, shielded with dry gel tape, 4 twisted pairs of 23 AWG wire and center spline with...

৳ 1,500
25 days ago
Fixed Server Rack Tray 19 Inch

Designed for mounting in NCF server cabinets, 1100 mm in depth.

৳ 1,950
5 days ago
Core-Link SFP 20 KM 1.25G WDM / BiDi Transceiver

WDM / BiDi technology, 20 km distance, 1.25 Gb/s data rate, Tx:1310nm / Rx:1550nm wavelength, single mode fiber, LC...

৳ 6,000
8 days ago
Optical Power Meter 710b Auto Switch Self Calibration

Optical Power Meter 710b has self calibration, auto switch, -70 ~ +10 dbm test range, 800 ~ 1700 nm wavelength range,...