Cable Tester Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Cable Tester Buying in Bangladesh

Network cable tester is used to test the integrity and performance of networks, especially Ethernet cables. Network cable tester can detect problems such as cable continuity, configuration, and network speed. Cable tester is now effectively used by IT professionals, network engineers, and technicians in Bangladesh to ensure that network cable is working properly and meeting required standards.

What is the price of cable tester in Bangladesh?

Network cable tester price in Bangladesh is determined based on its brand, model and other features. Currently, cable tester prices in Bangladesh start from TK 450 which is standard, comes with an LED display, and can test the quality and performance of RJ11/12/45 cable. Also, network cable tester in BD with an intelligent circuit, line scanning, realistic light flashlight, convenient sensitivity, volume adjustment function and auto power function price start from TK 3,000.

What to look for before buying a cable tester?

Cable testers play a very useful role in ensuring that the network is working properly and efficiently as per the demand. To select the right network cable tester for your needs, consider the following:

Type of Tester: In case of cable testing, the type of cable tester must be verified. In order to select the appropriate type of cable tester according to the need, one must have an understanding of the different types of network cables.

Test Capability: It should be verified that the network cable used has the necessary capability to test continuity, cable configuration, length and speed.

Interface: The interface of the network cable tester should be user-friendly. It should be well-scrutinized that it is easy to use as well as complete with specific instructions to operate.

Tester Display: A cable tester should be considered with a suitable display for clear and easy viewing of network cable test results and data after detecting any faults.

Price Suitability: Before buying a network cable tester, check whether the network cable tester has the specified features and quality according to the price.

What is the benefit of using a cable tester?

Network cable tester basically ensures that the cable used in the network is properly installed and working effectively. As a result, it provides benefits such as improved network performance, secure connectivity and reduced downtime. So the benefits of using a cable tester are:

  • Cable tester basically helps to ensure that the network cable is properly installed without any errors.
  • Detects breaks, shorts, or other problems in network cables that may affect network performance.
  • Quickly and accurately locate cable faults, reducing repair time and saving money.
  • Cable tester improve network performance and help reduce downtime by ensuring that network cable is properly installed and functioning properly.
  • Network cable tester play a helpful role in enhancing network security and troubleshooting potential network issues.

How to choose the right network cable tester?

Choosing the right cable tester should take into consideration the cable testing requirements and budget compatibility. Apart from this, the brand, quality, ease of use and easy portability should also be checked seriously. Hence, prioritizing the above factors in selecting the test to meet the requirements will help to procure the right network cable tester. You can even check and collect the quality cable tester of your choice from the popular online platform at an affordable price.

How accurate is Network Cable Tester result?

The accuracy of network cable testers can vary mainly depending on the specific model and test method. General cable testers usually check for continuity and cable faults, which are relatively easy to detect and have a high degree of accuracy. More advanced network cable testers have additional features including cable mapping and length measurement, resulting in higher accuracy rates. In addition, technologies such as electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference of network cable testers provide more accurate cable faults and readings. Therefore, in verifying the accuracy of the network cable tester, external factors of the tester should be considered in addition to following the correct test procedure.

Best Cable Tester Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best cable tester list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best cable tester list has been created based on the interest for cable tester buyers of BD Stall.

Cable Tester Model Price in BD
Fiber Optic Cable Tester 20KM Dustproof Universal Connector ৳ 1,950
i-POOK PK65H Multi-Purpose Wire Tracker Cable Tester ৳ 3,050
Baoyilon BYL-A1 Multi-Functional Network Cable Tester ৳ 4,450
20KM Fiber Optic Tester Pen ৳ 2,000
DXP-40D Fiber Optical Power Meter ৳ 2,900
D Yedemc Fiber Optical Multi-Meter Cable Tester ৳ 2,500
Nengshl NSHL468 RJ45 / RJ11 / RJ12 Cat 5e / 6 Tester ৳ 500
5.4-Inch IPS Touchscreen IP Camera Tester ৳ 25,000
Noyafa NF-3468 4-in-1 Cable Tester ৳ 2,500
Noyafa NF-468B Network Cable Tester ৳ 1,050