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Heat Press Machine Buying in Bangladesh

The heat press machine is used to print various designs on T-shirts, mugs, crests, ID card ribbons, and much more. Heat press machines create very high temperatures on products when printing designs. Heat press machines can be a source of income for many small SMEs due to the low cost and demand for printing in the Bangladeshi market.

What to look for before buying Heat Press Machine?

Type: There are 3 types of heat press machines according to their design and type of work such as clam shell, swing away and draw. Choose the right model for your print.

Machine size: The larger the machine, the more products can be printed at once. A small low cost heat press machine will work well if you are doing it for fun or just for a specific event. But in order to do business, many people need large size to meet the needs of the customer.

Heat range: You need to select the machine based on the products you want to print because the heat required is different for different products. Choose machines that provide maximum heat or power output for business.

Temperature control: Check whether the machine can control the temperature so that one machine will work on different products. Another thing is to check the maximum temperature or power output so that it can be printed on more types of products. Many machines have timers for temperature control that will make your job easier.

Digital Display: This feature will help you to determine the temperature and the progress of the work.

Printing area: Printing area is an important feature of heat press machine. The printing area should be large enough if you want to print large designs.

Safety: The heat press machine generates a lot of heat so the safety of the machine should be thoroughly verified when buying a heat press machine.

Portability: If you need instant printing in different locations, portability may be required. Larger machines are not usually portable so choose a lighter machine.

Ease of use: Choose a heat press machine that is very easy to operate and does not require expensive training.

What is the price of Heat Press Machine in Bangladesh?

A typical heat press machine price in Bangladesh starts at Tk 4,000, which can produce attractive designs on compact-sized mugs. Moreover, heat press machine price in Bangladesh varies depending on machine type, machine size, temperature control, heat machine framework, quality, and other factors. T-shirt printing machine is available on a budget of Tk 14,000 to Tk 35,000 in Bangladesh. Also, multi-color heat press machine used in making paper, plastic, leather, credit card tippers, and car seat design or seal is available on a budget of Tk 45,000 to Tk 80,000.