Motherboard Price in Bangladesh 2022

A motherboard is a circuit board that connects all the peripheral devices of a computer. So, it is essential to choose a good motherboard for setting up a new PC. Here are some tips for buying a PC motherboard.

1. The form factor of the motherboard is essential because you can choose the size of the casing based on it. Usually motherboards have mini-ATX, micro-ATX and ATX form factor.

2. The processor socket on the motherboard must match your processor. Intel motherboards use LGA sockets and AMD motherboards use PGA sockets. Also need to support generation such as 1st generation, 4th generation, 8th generation and 10th generation motherboards.

3. Check the maximum memory supported by the motherboard. Also, check the number of RAM slots on the motherboard. Your RAM's bus speed must match the RAM slot speed of the motherboard. DDR-3 and DDR-4 supported motherboards will work well.

4. Most motherboards now have built-in graphics, which is enough for normal work. But for animation and gaming you need to buy a gaming motherboard. Additional graphics can be installed via the PCIe slot.

5. The disk must have a SATA storage connector on the motherboard. If your storage is older model then you need ATA connector.

6. Modern motherboards have built-in Wi-Fi which will save you money.

7. The motherboard usually has VGA, DVI as the display port.

8. If your PC motherboard needs to be replaced then you can buy old motherboards at low cost.