Vacuum Cleaner Price in Bangladesh

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Vacuum Cleaner Buying in Bangladesh

Vacuum cleaner is modern electric device that uses suction to remove dirt from floors, sofas, beds, and other surfaces. In vacuum cleaners, the suction system is built with an electric motor and a control panel is attached to control the suction system. Currently, Panasonic, Philips, Hitachi, Xiaomi, Sharp, and various Chinese brands of vacuum cleaner is available in Bangladesh at low price.

How many type of vacuum cleaner available in Bangladesh?

Several type of vacuum cleaner available in Bangladesh based on size, built technology, and working process. Details are described:

Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner: Hand-held vacuum cleaners are relatively small in size and can be easily carried anywhere. Small corners of the room can be cleaned easily with this vacuum cleaner. Even the corner of the sofa or car seat cover accumulates dust and dirt that can be easily cleaned. A hand-held vacuum cleaner is also commonly known as portable vacuum cleaner. Moreover, most hand-held vacuum cleaner is rechargeable so there is no need to be connected to an electric cord while cleaning. And, handheld vacuum cleaner is small in size and can be stored in small spaces. Hand-held vacuum cleaner is often used to remove fur from beds, sofas, and corners of the house, especially when pets are kept indoors.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner: Canister vacuum cleaner is widely used all over the world, including in Bangladesh. Canister vacuum cleaners have a wheeled body and a suction hosepipe. So that the dirt and dust can be absorbed from a specific place through the hosepipe and it goes and accumulates in the specific polythene in the body. A canister vacuum cleaner is generally widely used for cleaning floors in homes or offices. These vacuum cleaners are equipped with an advanced suction system and flow rate to remove small to large-sized dirt easily. Canister vacuum cleaners tend to cost a bit more.

Vertical Vacuum Cleaner: Vertical vacuum cleaner have a bucket and hosepipe connected together. The control system of these vacuum cleaners is simple and attractive to look at. Vertical vacuum cleaner is also commonly known as upright vacuum cleaners. Most vertical vacuum cleaner is rechargeable so there is no need to have an electric cord connected while cleaning. Moreover, the price of vertical vacuum cleaners tends to be relatively high.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Robot vacuum cleaner looks like a round disk. This vacuum cleaner can manage the cleaning process by itself. Typically robotic vacuum cleaners use a rolling brush along with one or two spinning brushes to thoroughly disperse and remove dirt, dust, and pet dander. Robot vacuum cleaners are more popular among users due to the addition of modern technology.

What is the price of Vacuum cleaner in Bangladesh?

Nowadays vacuum cleaner is available in various sizes from small to large and with modern technology. Vacuum cleaner price in Bangladesh starts from 800 taka which is a rechargeable hand-held vacuum cleaner. Canister vacuum cleaner price starts from TK 8,500 which can remove 20-litre of dust at once. On the other hand, vertical and robot vacuum cleaner's price start from TK 10,000. Moreover, industrial floor sweeper is available in Bangladesh which is relatively expensive.

What to look for before buying a Vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners have become very necessary devices these days. So, before buying a vacuum cleaner, there are certain things to consider.

1. Bucket Capacity: A vacuum cleaner with a bucket of specific capacity should be selected in proportion to the amount of dirt that needs to be cleaned at once. Because if a vacuum cleaner is bought with a bucket that is smaller than required, then the vacuum cleaner will frequently fill up during house cleaning, requiring frequent vacuum cleaner cleanings that require both time and labor.

2. Motor Power: Depending on the motor power of the vacuum cleaner, how powerful its suction system will be. And how fast the vacuum cleaner can clean the house depends on the suction system of the vacuum cleaner. So, motor power must be considered before purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

3. Filter System: Vacuum cleaner has different types of filter systems including single-layer HEPA filter and double-layer HEPA filter. As a result, cleaning is effective in removing airborne particles such as pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner with a specific filter system should be procured as per the requirement.

4. Wire Length: Since an electric vacuum cleaner is powered by plugging into specific electrical sockets, a vacuum cleaner with a wire of a specific length should be selected to clean all corners of the house. However, multi-socket with long wire can be used with an electric vacuum cleaner.

5. Backup Time: Choose a rechargeable vacuum cleaner based on how much backup time the rechargeable vacuum cleaner will provide and how often it needs to be recharged.

How to use vacuum cleaner?

  • Step 1: Before cleaning any surface with a vacuum cleaner, the dirt or dust should be loosened with a duster.
  • Step 2: Move the furniture aside as needed so that the vacuum cleaner can be easily used.
  • Step 3: Remove large and hard dirt before using the vacuum cleaner. Because large and hard dirt can get inside the vacuum cleaner and damage its motor.
  • Step 4: Check if the vacuum cleaner bag is properly attached.
  • Step 5: Use a vacuum cleaner with a specific size nozzle as needed. Attach the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner well.
  • Step 6: Plug in the vacuum cleaner and turn on the switch. And in the case of a rechargeable vacuum cleaner, fully charge and switch these on.
  • Step 7: Now, start the cleaning process with the vacuum cleaner at a slow speed. Every once in a while check to see if the vacuum cleaner bag is full.
  • Step 8: When the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner is full, it should be cleaned.