Microscope Price in Bangladesh

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Microscope Buying in Bangladesh

In the course of evolution, all the technological inventions that have been made in the world are being used for human welfare. Today microscope is a very important invention for medical science, research, and crime investigation. Microscopes basically allow us to see small objects in a big way. The instrument which uses the light medium to magnify the details of very small objects nearby with the help of reflection is called a microscope.

Why use a microscope?

Our normal eye can't easily see anything smaller than 200 micrometres. Microscope is mainly involved in the fields of botany and biology, criminal investigation, education and medical sciences. Because germs in our body, viruses in plants, bacteria, and various fine points are reviewed in criminal investigations. Besides, it is widely used in lab tests or pathological tests for the discovery of new genes. With the help of a microscope, small objects can be seen by zooming up to about 100 to 40 million times.

How many types of microscope available in Bangladesh?

Since the invention of the microscope, the scope of education, research, and genetic discovery has grown exponentially. As a result, microscope is playing a very important role in human life. Depending on the scope of work, type of research, and zoom-in and zoom-out range, microscopes can be mainly divided into four categories.

Educational Microscopes: These are very common and popular microscopes which are mainly used by students in educational institutions. The microscope used in education is made of hard plastic and has an LED light attached to the middle mirror. which is illuminated by LEDs above and below the opaque material on a slide for viewing under a microscope. The microscope has a zoom capability of up to 10x, which can provide magnification of up to 1200x. The microscope has a 360° rotatable monocular head allowing viewing from any angle. Moreover, 250mm objects can be seen from a distance of 15mm. Generally demonstrates the sufficient ability to see students above 8 years of age.

Monocular Microscope: Monocular is one of the most popular and user-friendly microscopes with high demand. This type of microscope is mainly used in school laboratories. The microscope consists of an eyepiece, objective lens, collimation screw, film clamp, light hole, shutter, converter, mirror, mirror arm, lens tube, lens holder, condenser, diaphragm composition, etc. The zoom capability of this type of microscope ranges from 5 to 45 times, providing magnification of 25X to 500X. The monocular microscope is made of metal material so it lasts for a long time. Moreover, this type of microscope is also called biological or other microscopes.

Electric Binocular Microscope: This type of microscope is cost-effective. Electric binocular microscope is mainly used in labs, research institutes, and diagnostic centers. This type of microscope has a sliding binocular head that can be rotated 360 degrees with a WF10 and WF16 eyepiece. Moreover, the size of the mechanical stage in electric binoculars is 140 x 155 mm and the range is 70 x 50 mm. This binocular microscope has a combination of coarse and fine focusing and has an accuracy rate of 0.002 mm.

Biological Microscope: It is a binocular microscope with zooming capability ranging from 10x to 1000x. Biological microscope is primarily designed to observe cells, tissues, and other biological samples. Moreover, microscope slides, Petri dishes, and the well plate is mainly used for viewing very flat specimens. Biological microscope lenses have a working distance and a high number of apertures. The microscope has S-LED illumination that can provide consistent brightness. Even special versions of a biological microscope is capable of fluorescence imaging.

What to look for before buying a microscope?

Microscopes come in a variety of designs, features, and zoom capabilities. Therefore, according to the type of work, the microscope should be selected and purchased.

  • Microscopes usually have 3-5 objective lenses that can be magnified from 10x to 400x for perfect viewing of the object, and some objective lenses can provide magnification up to 1000x. So before buying the microscope should be known the scope of work
  • Different types of light such as LED, halogen, fluorescent or tangential light are attached to specific work microscopes. So it should be checked whether the microscope can be used for lab, diagnostic or research work
  • Before buying a microscope, one should have a good idea about the zoom capability. Because there are different types of microscopes depending on the lens and eyepiece
  • The quality of the microscope must be checked before purchase so that it can be used for a long time

What is the price of a microscope in Bangladesh?

Microscope price in Bangladesh starts from TK 1,300 to TK 1,500 depending on design, zoom capability, light source, and type of use. Good quality microscopes for students are available between TK 4,000 and TK 5,000. However, special technology microscope capable of fluoro sensing imaging starts price at TK 20,000. Moreover, biological microscopes tend to be relatively expensive.