Bicycle Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Bicycle Buying in Bangladesh

Why you buy a bicycle?

Bicycles are a favorite personal vehicle for both boys and girls. Especially useful for students and those who travel short distances regularly. Also those who cannot exercise regularly due to lack of time are now leaning towards bicycles to get some exercise while traveling. So let's take a look at the simple guidelines for buying a bicycle.

What kind of cycle to buy?

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. It will depend on many factors such as your age, budget, physique and your own preferences. Among them, budget is an important issue that can limit your choice, so check the price of bicycles in Bangladesh at There are different types of bicycles depending on the age, such as one type of bicycle for children and another type for adults. So decide what you need. Then set your budget because if the budget is set you can make a decision very quickly. Then your body composition such as your weight and height depends a lot on the rest of your choice which is different for each person. Different types of bicycles are available in Bangladesh and the price difference mainly depends on the type of bicycle to buy.

Baby Bicycles

The baby bicycles are specially made for children from 4 to 10 years old. Some baby bicycle has baskets attached to attract children. Many bicycles have two extra wheels attached to the back to keep the balance for young children.

Girls Bicycles

Girls bicycles are specially designed for women only. This type of bicycle is very light and colorful. There are various designs of ladies bicycles available in the current market of Bangladesh

Mountain Bicycle

Mountain bicycle is more useful if you have to travel on inaccessible roads. They have large tires and high quality suspension, making them suitable for movement on muddy soils, hilly roads, and rural raw soils.

Hybrid Bicycle

These are made of a combination of mountain and ordinary bicycles, so the price is much lower than mountain bikes.

Road Bicycle

These come in a variety of styles such as straight, curved and racing styles. These bicycles are good for speed.

Buy a motor or paddle bicycle?

These two types of bicycles are currently available in the market. Paddles In all these bicycles, we all know that the pedals are driven only by pedals, but the motors are mainly powered by electric motors and pedals are also attached to them. These motors are equipped with batteries which can run for 30-40 kms on a single charge.

Aluminum or steel body bicycle is better?

Nowadays, aluminum body bicycles are becoming more popular than steel body bicycles. Because bicycles made of aluminum are much lighter and stiffer in comparison. As a result, the price of aluminum bicycles is a bit higher than that of steel.

Is standard brake or disc brake suitable for roads in Bangladesh?

Disc brakes guarantee much better braking than standard brakes. Also, the demand for disc brake bicycles is much higher as they are beautiful to look at. And disc brakes will be better for the roads of Bangladesh because it guarantees fast and perfect brakes.

What should a saddle look like?

Saddle: Saddle is an important thing for the driver and many people ignore it. It should be noted that the driver can sit and drive easily. It doesn’t have to be comfortable.

Do I need a good paddle?

Yes, comfortable pedals are essential for manual cycling. The paddles are usually made of plastic and can be easily changed at any time. Some expensive bicycle pedals have clips instead so you can easily attach the pedals of your choice.

What does gear do in bicycle?

Some bicycles have gears that control the maximum speed so that the speed is consistent with the pedals and the bicycle runs smoothly.

How much is the price of bicycle in Bangladesh?

Bicycle price in Bangladesh starts from just 3,500 Taka, but if you increase your budget, you can get better quality. Bicycle price in BD at Taka 50,000 and above are also available in BD which are very light but very durable. They are attractive in design and can be used in any competition. But the bicycle should not be bought based on the design or price alone it should be bought based on the need, budget, and where you will be riding in Bangladesh like mountain bike.

What are the benefits of cycling besides commuting?

Physical exercise is done properly with the help of bicycle. Bicycle has a special contribution to keep the body healthy. These are:

1. Cycling reduces excess calories in the body.

2. People who are overweight in Bangladesh can lose weight in a few days by cycling.

3. Excess fat or gluttony by any name is the main problem for the people of the city of Bangladesh. So cycling has special importance to reduce excess fat or fat.

4. Bicycle plays a special role in keeping children's bones strong and physical growth fresh. And especially in Bangladesh, there are less places for children to play, so bicycles can be a low-cost option.

5. It is well known that diabetics need to walk a lot to keep their diabetes under control. But many people don't know that cycling more than walking keeps diabetes under control and saves more time than walking.

6. Cycling keeps blood pressure under control in hypertensive patients. Bicycles reduce people's risk of heart disease and stroke, health experts say.

7. Cycling reduces stress, depression and keeps the brain calm, thereby preventing major problems like brain stroke.