Baby Bicycle Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Baby bicycle is attractive designs as well as small in size, which is suitable for teaching children to ride a bicycle. This type of bicycle is also known as a toddler bicycle or balance bicycle in BD. Moreover, baby bicycle is usually designed with sturdy frames with adjustable seats, and handlebars to provide a safe riding experience. Currently, Durant, Hero, Atlas, Veloce, Walton, and other brands of baby bicycle is available at affordable price in Bangladesh as per customer needs and preferences with attractive designs, safety features, and different sizes.

How much does Baby Bicycle cost?

Baby bicycle price in Bangladesh usually starts at Tk 4,800, which is suitable for young children to learn to ride a bicycle. Moreover, baby bicycle price in Bangladesh varies mainly depending on the brand, size, design, and features. Also, baby bicycle made of high carbon steel with attractive designs for kids aged 3-8 years is available between Tk 6,500 to Tk 12,000.

What to look before buying Baby Bicycle?

There are several things to consider before buying a baby bicycle to suit the child's preferences.

Size and Fit: Choosing the right size bike is very important when buying a baby bicycle. Also consider children's age, height, and inseam measurements. Also, care should be taken to ensure that the child can comfortably touch the ground while riding the baby's bicycle. Also, check whether the seat and handlebar height of the baby bicycle can be adjusted as the child grows.

Build Quality: While buying a baby bicycle, check the build quality of the bicycle as it is made of strong, well-constructed, and durable materials. Also check for a strong frame and reliable features like brakes, pedals, and other safety features to provide a comfortable ride in regular use.

Material: Baby bicycle is usually made of steel or aluminum. Steel baby bicycle is available at considerably lower price, and is durable and heavy. On the other hand, baby bicycle made of aluminum is lighter and rust-resistant but cost relatively more.

Gear: Most baby bicycle is equipped with a single gear. However, baby bicycle with multiple gear is also available at affordable price in Bangladesh. However, the child's ability to ride a bicycle should be checked before purchasing a baby bicycle with gears.

Weight of the bicycle: Heavy bicycle is difficult for small children to control. Also, balancing a baby's bicycle is difficult. Therefore, one should choose a baby bicycle of convenient weight for children.

Tire: Tires should be checked while buying a baby bicycle to provide comfortable cycling facilities for children. Baby bicycle with rubber tires provide a smooth ride on uneven roads. On the other hand, baby bicycle with foam or hard rubber tires is puncture-proof, but a little less comfortable to ride.