Surveying Equipment

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৳ 7,000
17 days ago
Prism 30mm Survey Equipment

Prism 30mm survey equipment.

৳ 10,000
17 days ago
Survey Grade Trybranch

Survey Trybranch

৳ 35,100
16 days ago
DA224 Automatic Level Survey Equipment with Stand

DA224 automatic level survey equipment has stuff and stand.

৳ 8,500
17 days ago
Leica Geosystems AG Survey Equipment Tripod

Leica geosystems AG survey equipment tripod.

৳ 200,000
16 days ago
Kolida KTS-442R6LC Total Station

Kolida total station kts-442r6lc for survey.

৳ 8,500
17 days ago
Leica GST103 Aluminum Tripod AG Survey Equipment

Leica GST103 medium-duty aluminum tripod for survey equipment has carrying straps and side-clamp screws, a...

৳ 5,000
16 days ago
Auto Optical Level

Auto optical level for survey.

৳ 1,250,000
17 days ago
CHC i80 High End GNSS Receiver for RTK Field Survey

CHC i80 high end GNSS field receiver for field survey has 220 channels multi-constellation receiver, 128 × 64 dpi...

৳ 160,000
16 days ago
Total Station DTM952R for Survey and Building Construction

Total station DTM952R is high quality survey and building construction instrument.

৳ 250,000
4 months ago
Kolida KTS442-6L Total Station

Kolida KTS442-6L total station has large memory, convenient data management, long distance measurement, abundant...