Car Price in Bangladesh 2021 - New, Recondition & Private Car: Hybrid

৳ 1,750,000
4 months ago
৳ 3,000,000
1 month ago
৳ 1,730,000
1 month ago
৳ 2,705,000
1 month ago
৳ 1,780,000
1 month ago
৳ 2,550,000
22 days ago
৳ 3,200,000
1 month ago
৳ 16,500,000
1 month ago
৳ 2,670,000
14 days ago
৳ 3,100,000
26 days ago
৳ 3,350,000
1 month ago
৳ 2,150,000
1 month ago
৳ 2,450,000
1 month ago
৳ 3,050,000
26 days ago

Best Car Price List in Bangladesh (BD) in 2021 & January, 2022

Car Model Price in BD
Toyota C-HR G Hybrid 2017 ৳ 3,000,000
Toyota Axio X 2016 Silver ৳ 1,730,000
Toyota Noah G Hybrid 2017 ৳ 2,705,000
Toyota Fielder 2016 Blue ৳ 1,780,000
Toyota Premio F White 2016 ৳ 2,550,000
Toyota Allion G New Shape 2016 ৳ 2,850,000
Toyota Axio X Hybrid 2016 White Color ৳ 1,780,000
Toyota C-HR G 2016 Wine ৳ 3,200,000
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2020 ৳ 16,500,000
Toyota Premio F-EX 2019 Pearl Color ৳ 3,530,000

Which car is best under 10 lacs ?

You will find some good models in 10 lakhs because different brands release some low priced cars in the market and they are available as "recondition form" in Bangladesh. Also, you can get used cars, some of which are popular models such as Toyota Aqua, X Corolla, Probox, T-Carina, Coroner Primo.

Manual or automatic- which one should you buy ?

Both manual and automatic systems are popular. If you have purchased your car for sports and racing, you should go for a manual transmission. It also requires manual transmission for mountain roads and off-roading. And you can go to the automatic transmission for normal driving. Automatic transmission is popular for everyone because it's easy to learn and drive.

What is the popular car color in Bangladesh ?

The popular color of car is Silver, White, and Pearl in Bangladesh. During the dry and winter season car gets lots of dust in exterior and these colors help to reduce the dust visibility and look decent in all environment.

Which brand is best in Bangladesh?

Toyota is a brand car that can be seen on almost every road in Bangladesh. It is a Japanese car manufacturer headquartered in Japan. Toyota can provide the only car according to the needs of the people of Bangladesh, so Toyota is undoubtedly the best car brand in Bangladesh.

Which country's cars are usually available in Bangladesh?

Japanese reconditioned or used cars are the most popular in Bangladesh because they are very durable and can be used for a long time. However, some brand new cars are imported from India. For the first time in Bangladesh, a car called "Bangla Car" is being manufactured and available in 1500 to 2500 cc in 8 colors.

What are the advantages of Hybrid car?

Hybrid cars can go 25-30 Km with 1 liter of oil. The hybrid car has two engines. An electric and 1 oil engine. The electric engine is powered by batteries and these batteries are automatically charged while running on the oil engine.