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৳ 3,600,000
1 month ago
Nissan X-Trail Hybrid Pearl Color

LED headlamp, 2000cc engine capacity, 2015 model year, ABS breaking, navi, airbag, back monitor, seat heater, nickel...

৳ 2,930,000
1 month ago
Toyota Esquire GI Hybrid 2015 Black Color

Push start, projection LED headlight, 2 door power, 1800cc engine capacity, full black leather seat, nickel handle,...

৳ 7,900,000
1 month ago
Lexus NX 2015 Pearl Color

Smooth ride, sunroof / audio control, front-wheel drive, automatic transmission, 2500cc engine capacity, 4-cylinder...

৳ 3,380,000
13 days ago
Toyota C-HR 2017 Gray Color

Push start, gray color, 1800cc engine capacity, 5 seat, cruise control, seat heater duel climate control, handheld...

৳ 1,800,000
1 month ago
Toyota Corolla Fielder WXB Hybrid Car

Toyota corolla fielder WXB hybrid 2014 model car has 1500cc engine capacity, automatic transmission, pearl body color.

৳ 16,500,000
1 month ago
BMW 7 Series 740Le xDrive 2016

Plugin electric hybrid, registration 2017, 2000cc engine capacity, long wheelbase, dynamic stability control, dynamic...

৳ 580,000
20 days ago
Toyota Corolla 111 2000 Model White Color

Auto gear, key start, air condition, back camera, VVTi engine type, 1331 cc engine capacity, automatic transmission,...

৳ 3,250,000
1 month ago
Toyota Premio F-EX 2016

Push Start / remote key / self auto starter / key less entry system, automatic transmission, NZT260 chassis number, 1NZ...

৳ 2,650,000
1 month ago
BMW X5 7-Series 2003 Black Sapphire Metallic Color

4-wheel anti-lock, 4400cc engine capacity, 6-speed automatic transmission, 325 HP @ 6100 RPM power, 8.3L long highway...

৳ 3,480,000
1 month ago
Nissan X-Trail Hybrid Fuel Pearl Color 2015 Model

Push start, LED head lamp, power steering, nickel handle, 5 seats, air bag, ABS breaking, navi, original leather seat,...

৳ 4,500,000
1 month ago
Nissan Civilian BUS 2014

GL, 29 seats, 2D, AT, AC, PS, air bag, ABS brake, NAVI, back monitor, around view monitor, real TV monitor, silver...

৳ 3,680,000
1 month ago
Toyota Premio F-EX 2018 Wine Color

Power steering, push start / remote key / self auto starter / key less entry system, anti-break system, automatic...

৳ 1,700,000
1 month ago
Toyota Corolla Axio 2014 Silver Color

Key start, power steering, automatic transmission, 1500cc engine capacity, digital meter, navigation system, power...

৳ 2,450,000
1 month ago
Toyota Allion G Plus 2015

All auto VVTI engine, power steering, 4 wheel ABS brake systems, good service quality, CNG conversion, alloy rim with...

৳ 1,850,000
16 days ago
Toyota Hiace GL 2012 White Color

Key start, half pad half ceiling, power steering, 2000cc engine capacity, fog light, power window, automatic...

৳ 2,320,000
1 month ago
Toyota Premio 2014 White Color

Key start, audio steering, winker mirror, nickel handle, wooden steering, wooden panel, beige seat, power window.

৳ 2,780,000
1 month ago
Toyota Premio F-EX 2016 Pearl Color

Push Start / remote key / self auto starter / key less entry system, power steering, automatic transmission, power...

৳ 1,570,000
7 days ago
Toyota Allion 2008 White Color

Key start, power steering, 1500cc engine capacity, fog light, power window, automatic transmission, wooden panel frame,...

৳ 2,600,000
1 month ago
Toyota Allion G Plus 2015 Black Color

All power, power steering, power window, driving power seat, air condition, anti break system, push start / remote key...

৳ 4,400,000
1 month ago
Nissan X Trail 2016 Pearl Color

Push start / remote key / self auto starter / key less entry key system, 20 x emergency brake, 2000cc engine capacity,...

Which car is best under 10 lacs ?

It is a little difficult to get a new car within 5 lakhs but different brands release some low priced models in the market and they are available as "recondition form" in Bangladesh. Also, you can get used cars, some of which are popular models such as Toyota Aqua, X Corolla, Probox, T-Carina, Coroner Primo.

what is the difference between x-grade and g-grade ?

The G-grade car has some advantages over the X-grade car and there is no other difference. The main difference between the X-grade and the G-grade is that the G-grade has a touch temperature panel and an RPM meter. The X-grade car replaces the touch temperature panel with a manual temperature panel, and no RPM meter. The price of the G-grade car is somewhat higher than the X-grade car.

Manual or automatic- which one should you buy ?

Both manual and automatic systems are popular. If you have purchased your car for sports and racing, you should go for a manual transmission. It also requires manual transmission for mountain roads and off-roading. And you can go to the automatic transmission for normal driving. Automatic transmission is popular for everyone because it's easy to learn and drive.