Toyota Allion Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Toyota Allion is a sedan car manufactured by the world-famous Japanese company Toyota. The Toyota Allion is a combination of sleek exterior lines, aerodynamic shape, and advanced features, which has created an instant appeal among customers. Also, Allion car interior is designed with spacious enough seats, an advanced infotainment system, and modern amenities. Besides, the Allion car has many safety features including airbags, an antilock braking system, and electronic stability control, which provide safety to both the driver and passengers. Being affordable in addition to ensuring comfortable and safe travel in daily life, Allion car is in high demand in Bangladesh.

What is the specialty of Toyota Allion car?

Design: The Toyota Allion car has an elegant and contemporary design, which effortlessly attracts customers. Also, Allion car is perfectly designed in the sedan category, with smooth lines and aerodynamic shape.

Comfortable Interior: The interior of the Allion is quite spacious, resulting in a wide range of head-to-leg space for passengers. As a result, it ensures a comfortable environment for both the driver and passengers on long journeys. Moreover, the Allion car seat is ergonomically designed so you can sit comfortably.

Advanced Infotainment System: Allion car has an advanced infotainment system to provide an interesting driving experience. As a result, other necessary apps can be accessed easily, besides helping to listen to any audio by connecting smartphones or other devices.

Control System: Allion car has a self-regulating control system to provide safe driving convenience. The system has a well-organized dashboard for easy navigation of various functions, which helps to focus on the road ahead while driving.

Engine Variant: The Allion car comes with 1.5-liter or 2.0-liter spirited engine variants. However, both the engine variants offer impressive performance on-road and off-road and a smooth driving experience.

Suspension System: Allion car is equipped with an effective suspension system to drive comfortably. It provides precise steering, and effective braking and gives the driver confidence as well as controlled driving.

Safety Technology: Allion car is equipped with advanced safety technology to avoid any collision while driving. Also, various advanced technologies including automatic emergency brakes, adaptive cruise control, and lane change alerts are included, which keep the driver and passengers safe from possible accidents.

Airbag System: The Allion car comes with an advanced airbag system along with stability and traction control. As a result, the Allion car provides multiple levels of safety in driving in the event of an accident.

Fuel efficiency: Fuel economy and carbon emissions are considered very important factors in buying a car these days. The Toyota Allion uses an advanced VVTI-type engine and is quite fuel-efficient. Allion car typically run on octane, and CNG gas and emit significantly less carbon.

What is the price of Toyota Allion car?

Both used and reconditioned Toyota Allion car is available in Bangladesh. Currently, Allion car price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 1,240,000 which is a used car and the engine capacity is 1500 cc. Also, Toyota Allion car price in Bangladesh varies based on vehicle model, design, engine, adaptive cruise control, lane changing alert, and other advanced technologies like back camera. However, the latest model Toyota Allion car price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 2,850,000.

What kind of mileage can be obtained by using Allion car?

Allion car mileage usually varies depending on factors such as car model, fuel time, engine capacity, and driving road. However, the Allion car can drive 11 to 12 km per liter on city roads. Toyota Allion can drive 13-14 km per liter on the highway.

How much money is available Allion A15 car in Bangladesh?

Toyota Allion car has been supplying the car market since 2001 with about four generations till now. However, among these generations, Allion A15 model car is very popular in Bangladesh. Moreover, the Allion A15 model car is available in Bangladesh between Tk 1,200,000 to Tk 1,800,000 depending on the used condition. However, the price varies depending on the Allion car model, model year, body condition, run time, etc.

Best Allion Car Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for April, 2024

Allion Car Model Price in BD
Toyota Allion G 2019 ৳ 4,050,000
Toyota Allion Silver 2007 ৳ 1,380,000
Toyota Allion A15 2003 ৳ 1,250,000
Toyota Allion A15 2007 ৳ 1,520,000
Toyota Allion G plus 2014 ৳ 2,610,000
Toyota Allion G 2013 ৳ 2,270,000
Toyota Allion A15 2002 ৳ 1,240,000
Toyota Allion 2006 Silver Color ৳ 1,550,000
Toyota Allion A15 2004 ৳ 1,380,000
Toyota Allion 2003 ৳ 1,290,000