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৳ 3,200,000
1 month ago
Toyota Prius Alpha 2015 Hybrid 1790cc Car

G touring selection, LED head lamp, 7 seat, ABS breaking system, air bag, fog cutter, navi, back monitor, audio...

৳ 3,480,000
1 month ago
Toyota Premio NZT260 2017

LED headlamp, aac, sts, ABS brake, fog, navi, back monitor, audio steering, pre-crash safety system, half leather beige...

৳ 2,920,000
3 months ago
Toyota Noah G-TRD Smart Hybrid 2015 Pearl Color

Push start, brown color leather seat, 2015 model year, 1800cc engine capacity, pearl color, 5 doors, DVD player, back...

৳ 3,140,000
3 months ago
Toyota Noah XL-Smart Non-Hybrid 2015

Pearl-color, 2015 model year, 2000cc engine capacity, XL package, navigation TV, back camera, DVD, projection...

৳ 7,645,000
3 months ago
Toyota Harrier Advance Gi Premium 2017 Blue Color

Smart key SD card, 3ZR engine type, 5-action grade, LED heat lamp, air beg, original NAVI, front and side back monitor,...

৳ 3,380,000
3 months ago
Toyota C-HR 2017 Gray Color

Push start, gray color, 1800cc engine capacity, 5 seat, cruise control, seat heater duel climate control, handheld...

৳ 2,840,000
3 months ago
Toyota Prius Alpha Hybrid 2015 Pearl Car

Push start, pearl color, 2015 model year, soft-touch AC, DVD player, 1800cc engine capacity, LED head light, leather...

৳ 6,200,000
3 months ago
Toyota Harrier Advance Premium 2015 White Car

Auto transmission, smart keyless entry with push start, panoramic sun and moon roof, leather stitched panel, wooden...

৳ 1,760,000
3 months ago
Toyota Aqua G-Gs Pkg 2014 Wine Red Color

Hybrid engine, push start, 2014 model year, wine red color, 5 seat, power steering, window, mirror, auto gear, auto...

৳ 3,260,000
3 months ago
Toyota Esquire Hybrid GI Premium 2015 Car

Projection HID head light, push start, power steering, power windows, power mirrors, two doors powered, auto...

৳ 3,450,000
3 months ago
Toyota C-HR 2017 Wine Red Color

Original building up air conditioner, push start, digital meter, power steering / mirror / window, auto gear, cruise...

৳ 1,700,000
4 months ago
Toyota Corolla Axio 2014 Silver Color

Key start, power steering, automatic transmission, 1500cc engine capacity, digital meter, navigation system, power...

৳ 3,150,000
4 months ago
Toyota Esquire 2015 Black Color

Push start, 2 door power, projection LED headlight, automatic transmission, 1800cc engine capacity, full black leather...

৳ 2,500,000
4 months ago
Toyota Premio FL 2015 Silver Color

Push start, 1500cc engine capacity, automatic transmission, HID headlight and fog light, black seat, 5 seats, wooden...

৳ 1,980,000
4 months ago
Toyota Fielder WXB 2014 Black Color

Push start, 1500cc engine capacity, blcak color, soft touch AC, projection headlight, leather seat body, DVD player,...

৳ 3,200,000
4 months ago
Toyota Premio 2017 Silver Color

Push-start, power window, airbag, 1500cc engine capacity, power steering, emergency brake system, automatic...

৳ 1,150,000
4 months ago
Toyota Axio-x 2008 Blue Color

Key start, automatic transmission, 1500cc engine capacity, TV, navigation, FM / AM, power windows, stereo, tempered...

৳ 2,450,000
4 months ago
Toyota Allion G Plus 2015

All auto VVTI engine, power steering, 4 wheel ABS brake systems, good service quality, CNG conversion, alloy rim with...

৳ 2,320,000
4 months ago
Toyota Premio 2014 White Color

Key start, audio steering, winker mirror, nickel handle, wooden steering, wooden panel, beige seat, power window.

৳ 3,275,000
4 months ago
Toyota Premio 2017 Wine Color

Push start, power steering, 1500cc engine capacity, power window, automatic transmission, wooden panel frame, winker...

Why Toyota is most popular in Bangladesh ?

Toyota Automobile first launched in Japan in 1933 and later registered as a Toyota Motor Company in 1937. Since then Toyota has become popular all over the world and has started to become known in Bangladesh since 1964. Toyota makes all type of demanding cars such as budget cars to luxury cars, and that's why its popularity is highest in Bangladesh. As well as the low maintenance and the availability of spare parts, Toyota is the first choice of all types of buyers in Bangladesh.

What is the difference between Toyota x-grade and g-grade ?

The Toyota G-grade car has some advantages over the X-grade car and there is no other difference. The main difference between the X-grade and the G-grade is that the G-grade has a touch temperature panel and an RPM meter. The X-grade car replaces the touch temperature panel with a manual temperature panel, and no RPM meter. The price of the G-grade car is somewhat higher than the X-grade car.

What are the popular toyota models under 15 lakh ?

Some popular used and reconditioned Toyota models with in 15 lakh are Toyota Aqua, Toyota Axio, Toyota Corolla, and Toyota Probox.