Lexus Car Price in Bangladesh

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Lexus Car Buying in Bangladesh

Lexus is basically a luxury car, which is manufactured by the popular Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation. The car of this brand are designed with superior build quality, modern technology and enough comfort, which is an ideal car for high class and elite class people. Currently, there are various line-ups of Lexus car including sedan, SUV and crossover. As the car market in Bangladesh continues to grow, the demand for Lexus car with innovative technology and attractive designs is increasing.

Advantage of Lexus Car

  • Lexus car offers exceptional build quality, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable vehicle.
  • Car of this brand is made of high-quality materials with attractive finishes both inside and outside. Besides, it offers premium quality features to provide comfortable driving experience.
  • To ensure a safe journey for the driver and passengers, Lexus offers advanced features like per-collision system, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, Lexus Safety System Plus, GPS tracker and blind spot monitoring.
  • The Lexus suspension system and power-train components are tuned to provide a smooth, comfortable, and responsive driving experience.
  • Lexus car is one of the premium car in Bangladesh, so selling this car after a long period of use gives good resale value.
  • Moreover, a wide range of Lexus car have dealer points that offer attractive customer service and servicing facilities. As a result, good after-sale service is available in case of any maintenance problems since purchase.

Lexus car price

Both used and reconditioned Lexus car are available in Bangladesh. Currently, Lexus car price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 3,000,000 for used car and engine capacity is 4700 cc. Lexus car prices vary depending on the car model, design, features, trim level, engine capacity and other safety features. Also, reconditioned Lexus car with SUV body type and 2500 cc engine capacity price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 7,700,000.