Nissan Car Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Nissan Car Buying in Bangladesh

Nissan car include advanced technologies such as ProPilot Assist system, semi-autonomous driving assistance and e-pedal system. As a result, Nissan car has gained great popularity in Bangladesh along with the whole world. Overall, Nissan car with innovative technology, reliability, and durability is available at BD at affordable prices.

What is the price of Nissan car in Bangladesh?

Used and reconditioned Nissan brand car is available in Bangladesh. Currently, the Nissan car price in Bangladesh starts from TK 11,50,000 which is used and the engine capacity is 1500 cc. Also, the prices of Nissan brand car in BD vary based on advanced technology, fuel system, engine capacity, fresh interior design, model and safety shield etc. However, currently, Nissan brand car in Bangladesh with ProPilot Assist, Infotainment, E-pedal and advanced design start from TK 29,00,000.

What is the special feature of Nissan car?

Nissan car basically has some special advanced technology features that make the user feel most comfortable in using the car. Let's know about some features below:

Innovative Technology: Nissan car is mainly known for their innovative technology. Because it offers advanced safety technologies like ProPilot Assist System, E-Pedal and Safety Shield 360 and semi-autonomous driving capabilities to provide a safe and comfortable driving experience to the user.

Reliability: Nissan brand car is quite reliable and well-known for durability. With innovative designs, comfortable seating arrangements, and advanced technology, the various models of the Nissan brand are consistently reliable and top the user preference list.

Propilot Assist System: This type of system is basically a semi-autonomous driving system. As a result, the car can be easily kept centered in its lane. In addition to helping maintain a certain speed, the ProPilot Assist system can help bring the vehicle to a complete stop in traffic jams.

E-Pedal: The e-pedal system mainly helps the user in smooth and efficient driving. It allows the user to easily accelerate or decelerate the vehicle and helps to stop the vehicle using only the accelerator pedal.

Intelligent Around View Monitor: Nissan brand vehicles have advanced technology Intelligent Around View Monitor system. As a result, the car provides a better view of the surrounding conditions while driving. So it gives the user an easy solution to park the car of this brand anywhere and drive in tight spaces.

Infotainment System: This brand of car has a Nissan infotainment system to provide advanced technology services. That helps with navigation, smartphone integration, and easy access to a variety of apps.

Safety Shield 360: One of the features of Nissan brand car is the Safety Shield 360. It is basically a security technology to provide security to the user. It ensures user safety by providing features such as automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning, lane change warning, rear cross-traffic warning etc.

Zero Emission: Zero emission means not polluting the environment by emitting waste materials from the vehicle's engine, motor or fuel source. Nissan brand LEAF car has zero emission facility which is mainly run on electric power. As a result, there is no adverse effect on the environment.

Best Nissan Car Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Nissan Car Model Price in BD
Nissan Sunny 2004 ৳ 565,000
Nissan Teana 2004 ৳ 1,260,000
Nissan X-Trail Hybrid 2015 ৳ 2,810,000
Nissan X-Trail Hybrid 2016 ৳ 3,350,000
Nissan X-Trail Hybrid Pearl color 2015 ৳ 3,000,000
Nissan X-Trail 2016 Pearl ৳ 3,170,000
Nissan X-Trail 2005 ৳ 1,190,000
Nissan Sunny 1991 ৳ 320,000
Nissan X-Trail 2016 Black ৳ 3,200,000
Nissan Tiida 2006 ৳ 830,000