Diaper Price in Bangladesh

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Diaper Buying in Bangladesh

Diaper is mainly made of absorbent polymer, cellulose fibers with a waterproof outer layer. This eliminates the need for frequent diaper changes in case of infant or toddler bowel movements and helps maintain cleanliness. It is generally designed to wick away moisture from baby's skin. Currently, popular brands of diaper including Pampers, Super Mom, Mami Poco Pants, and Haggis are available at an affordable price in Bangladesh as per customer needs and preferences to maintain baby's daily hygiene.

Diaper Type

1. Disposable Diaper: This type of diaper is made of absorbent material and provides adhesive tabs for easy fastening. As a result, it is also very easy to use. Disposable diaper is available in different sizes for babies of different ages. This type of diaper can only be used once. However, it protects for 7-8 hours.

2. Cloth Diaper: Cloth diaper is eco-friendly and available at affordable prices. This type of diaper is made of soft fabric like cotton or bamboo and can be reused after washing. It is easy to clean and maintain. Also provides natural air circulation to keep baby's skin soft. Cloth diaper is available between Tk 200 and Tk 500 in Bangladesh.

3. Hybrid Diaper: This type of diaper is made of a combination of disposable and cloth. Hybrid diaper has an outer cloth layer for reuse and are easy to clean if soiled. It is quite durable and eco-friendly.

4. Pant-style Diaper: Pant-style diaper is usually designed in an underwear-like fashion, which can be fastened at the top and bottom. This type of diaper allows babies to potty comfortably. Moreover, pant-style diaper provides a much more secure fit and also facilitates movement. Currently, 20-30 piece pant style diaper is available in Bangladesh for Tk 300 to Tk 1,000.

5. Newborn baby Diaper: Newborn baby diaper is specially designed for babies of a certain weight. This type of diaper has small cut-outs for baby's umbilical cord stump. It usually provides a snug fit, which ensures comfort for the baby in the early stages.

What is the price of Diaper in Bangladesh?

The price of diaper in Bangladesh starts from Tk 16.50 per piece, which is suitable for newborn babies. Moreover, the price of diaper in Bangladesh varies depending on the brand, size, and type of diaper. Washable and reusable diaper price starts at Tk 200. This type of diaper is very comfortable for babies as they are made of soft cotton. Also, the 80-piece diaper package with 6-layer absorbency is available at Tk 2,500.

Things to check before buying Diaper

Diaper Feature: To ensure the comfortable use of diaper for children, things like absorbency, odor, softness, and stretchability of diaper should be checked well. As a result, children's skin will not have any kind of blemishes and will help to maintain safe health.

Size: It is best to choose the right size diaper for the baby. Especially newborns change rapidly in size. Hence, a larger size should be selected after a certain period to prevent discomfort and leakage. Also, the child's weight and growth rate should be considered in determining the appropriate size.

Diaper Fabrics: Diaper fabric is very important to check as baby's skin is delicate and sensitive. So while buying a diaper, consider whether it is made of soft and breathable material, which will ensure proper airflow to the baby's bottom.

Absorbency of Diaper: While buying diaper, one should consider diaper with excellent absorbency to keep the baby dry for a long time. Adequate urine and stool retention should also be considered. Also, high-quality diaper has multiple layers that absorb moisture quickly and do not harm babies' skin.

Skin Sensitivity: Baby's skin sensitivity must be considered while buying diaper. Because the regular use of diaper often causes rash or burns on children's skin. Hence, hypoallergenic and pesticide-free diaper should be considered with doctor's advice if necessary.

Type of Diaper: Popular online marketplace currently offers a wide range of diaper including disposable, cloth, and pant styles at low prices. Therefore, diaper should be considered according to convenience and preference depending on the daily lifestyle.

Witness Indicator Line: Many brands of diaper, including Haggis, have a witness indicator line to avoid the hassle of repeatedly checking to see if the diaper is completely soiled. Therefore, witness indicator lines should be checked before purchasing diaper.

Budget Check: Almost all popular brands of diaper is available in Bangladesh, ranging from affordable to expensive. Hence, budget should be considered while choosing the brand of diaper. Some brands are expensive but are made of high-quality materials. Affordable diaper also provides good performance.