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Chainsaw Buying in Bangladesh

Chainsaw machine is an advanced tool for cutting trees and wood. This type of equipment is widely used in agriculture, construction sites, and forestry. Chainsaw machine is also known as tree cutter machine or wood cutter machine in Bangladesh. Moreover, cheap handheld folding chainsaw machine for personal and professional use as well as petrol, and electric chain saw machine is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

Type of Chainsaw Machine

Gasoline Chainsaw Machine: This type of machine is very popular in Bangladesh as it is high-capacity and portable. There is a 20-inch size cutting bar for cutting trees and wood of different lengths. Besides, there is a 2-stroke engine and air-cooling system to operate efficiently. Gasoline chainsaw machine can be used for personal as well as professional use. With this type of chainsaw machine, one liter of petrol can work comfortably for about 2 hours.

Electric Chainsaw Machine: Generally, instead of using petrol, an electric chain saw machine has to be operated using electric power. It is light in weight as well as quiet while operating. Moreover, electric chainsaw machine is in high demand in the Bangladeshi market due to their easy operation and low impact on the environment. As this type of chain saw machine is corded, it can cut small to medium-sized trees as well as easily cut tree slopes.

Battery-Powered Chainsaw Machine: Battery-powered chainsaw offers the convenience of cordless operation, which is more dynamic than other chain saw machine. This type of chainsaw machine is designed with rechargeable batteries. As a result, battery-powered chainsaw machine is environment friendly and make less noise This type of chainsaw is usually ideal for cutting trees or wood in residential areas.

How much does Chainsaw Machine cost?

Chain saw machine price in Bangladesh starts from 500 Tk, which is a portable, small size machine as well as suitable for cutting trees and wood. Moreover, chainsaw machine price in Bangladesh generally varies depending on factors such as engine, blade size, machine type, power, and safety features. Petrol-powered tree cutter machine is available between Tk 12,000 to Tk 20,000. Besides, the price of an electric wood cutter machine in Bangladesh starts from Tk 26,000.

Things to consider before buying Chainsaw Machine

1. Chainsaw is generally designed to be used for a variety of purposes, including cutting trees, cutting wood, and pruning gardens. Such devices are generally available in a wide range of models for personal or professional use. So before buying a chain saw the purpose of use must be considered.

2. Currently, tree cutter machine with advanced technology and power such as petrol, electric and battery-powered are available in Bangladesh. Chainsaw machine usually offers different benefits depending on the power source. So, power must be considered before buying a tree cutter machine.

3. Engine size and power must be considered before purchasing a chain saw machine. Chainsaw machine cutting performance varies depending on engine size. Larger engine generally provides more power, which is suitable for use in cutting trees, and timber, as well as construction work such as breaking down wooden beams, boards, and structures. On the other hand, Smaller engine is generally suitable for light jobs such as cutting wood, clearing land, and pruning gardens.

4. Wood cutting machine is usually supplied with blades of various lengths. Larger-diameter wood can be cut with a longer blade or bar but is challenging. Therefore, before buying a chain saw machine, consider the length of the blade as per the requirement.

5. Accidents can happen at any time if the chainsaw is not used properly. Hence, one should check whether the tree cutter machine is equipped with safety features like a chain brake, an anti-vibration system, and kickback protection.

6. Moreover, the weight and balance of the machine should be considered while buying the chainsaw machine. Also, the comfortable handle grip and the control system should be checked, which will guarantee comfortable use for a long time.

7. Chainsaw machine use requires regular maintenance such as chain sharpening, oiling, and filter cleaning. Therefore, check whether the chainsaw can be easily maintained and spare parts can be changed before buying.

8. Also, the price of a chain saw machine usually varies depending on the engine, blade size, fuel capacity, and other features of the machine. So, before buying a tree cutter machine, you need to decide the budget, which will help you to buy the machine according to your needs.

Best Chainsaw Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for May, 2024

Chainsaw Model Price in BD
Multi Purpose Hand Saw with Five Edge Teeth ৳ 650
Hedge Trimmer ৳ 18,000
Gasoline Chainsaw ৳ 18,500
Tolsen 65mn Blade Foldable Garden Saw ৳ 1,250
Tree Cutting Machine ৳ 13,000
Sonali SPL070 36" Guide Bar 46 RMX Ripping Chainsaw ৳ 26,000