Digital Interactive Whiteboard

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৳ 12,000
4 days ago
Portable Digital Interactive Whiteboard F35

Portable digital interactive whiteboard F35 can turn any surface into an interactive whiteboard. It has high accuracy...

৳ 90,000
5 days ago
Riotouch H-102 Multi User 100" Digital Interactive Board

Riotouch H-102 digital interactive whiteboard has multi user writing system, 100 inch whiteboard size, infrared sensor...

৳ 55,000
5 days ago
Riotouch P-82 Interactive Infrared Touch Screen Whiteboard

Riotouch P-82 interactive touchscreen whiteboard has 1536.5 x 1126.5 mm projection size, 170℃ view angle, aluminum /...

৳ 66,000
16 days ago
Dopah IWB-5082 Interactive Media Basis Digital Whiteboard

Dopah IWB-5082 interactive media basis digital whiteboard has 82 inch screen, lightweight design.

৳ 480,000
16 days ago
Dopah ILD-1086 86" Multi-Touch All-In-One LED Smartboard

Dopah ILD-1086 all-in-one multi-touch interactive smartboard has LED display, latest interactive flat panel technology,...

৳ 76,000
16 days ago
Dopah IWB-5092 Digital Interactive 92 Inch White Board

Dopah IWB-5092 digital interactive white board has 92 inch screen, minimum 4 touch capability, user friendly gesture,...

৳ 350,000
5 days ago
Riotouch GT65 Touchscreen LED Conference Room Display PC

Riotouch GT65 interactive touchscreen LED conference room display PC has infrared sensor tube touch technology with 65...

৳ 55,000
5 days ago
Riotouch H-88 Multi User 86" Digital Interactive Whiteboard

Riotiouch H-88 digital whiteboard has 86 inch whiteboard size, infrared sensor technology, 10 users writing at the same...

৳ 65,000
3 days ago
Gaoke GK-880H/82S 82 Inch Interactive Digital Whiteboard

Gaoke GK-880H/82S interactive digital whiteboard has 82 x 82 inch size, 1660 x 1165 mm active touch area, 4:3 aspect...

৳ 54,000
3 days ago
MolyBoard 82" Touch Interactive Digital Whiteboard IR-8085

MolyBoard 82" IR-8085 interactive digital whiteboard has 32768 x 32768 full HD resolution, standard USB 2.0, 2 point...