Digital Interactive Whiteboard Price in Bangladesh

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In the present time, the teaching program in the education system has undergone a radical change due to the technological development of digital interactive whiteboards. This type of whiteboard is basically a combination of software and interactive hardware. A flat-panel display made of digital material and capable of interacting with a computer to store data is called a digital interactive whiteboard. This type of whiteboard is also called a smart whiteboard. Because using a digital whiteboard does not require the use of a chalk duster and can also be written and drawn with a digital pen or hand. In today's world, the digital whiteboard has gained huge popularity and the demand is increasing at a great rate.

Why are smart whiteboards used?

Digital whiteboard is a device that is playing a leading role in education. As a result, teachers are improving the quality of learning and are able to present in front of students in an interesting way. Moreover, digital interactive whiteboard is being used as needed in office meeting rooms, hospitals, classrooms and other presentational spaces. Digital interactive whiteboards allow teachers and students to expand their collaborative learning space as well as demonstrate the ability to share files, access online resources, and use educational software. But digital whiteboard is mainly used in combination with computer and projector.

What is specialty of digital whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboard is modern replacement for old-fashioned simple whiteboard. Which can currently be connected to computers and projectors to act as touchscreen devices. In these digital whiteboards, the data present on the board can be clicked, moved, copied and analyzed. Moreover, any text can be converted into text and stored in an emergency.

Application: Digital whiteboard is designed to run almost all types of files and applications. Moreover, the interactive whiteboard is designed in such a way that it supports computer applications as well. As a result, it can be easily used for internet surfing, videos, presentations etc.

Spotlight: The highlight feature of the interactive whiteboard is the spotlight. This allows the user to darken the entire image and highlight a specific area when displaying a specific part of an image to the user. The Spotlight tool is designed to be user-friendly.

Magnifier: Digital interactive whiteboard has a magnifier for user to enlarge images, zoom in, and zoom out. Also, using the magnifier, small images can be enlarged in terms of the area of the image.

Pointer: Pointer is one of the tools of a digital whiteboard which is designed simply to facilitate the user's work. Pointers mainly help in marking data and highlighting specific parts. The presenter can even use fingers to move the pointer around and double-click to move.

Interactive Session: Live streaming facility for school teachers or office workers to attend remote training or conference. If the digital whiteboard is connected to a projector and a networked computer, training can be done via webcast or live streaming over the Internet.

What is the price of  smart whiteboard in Bangladesh?

Smart whiteboard price in BD starts from TK 12,000 to TK 15,000 depending on whiteboard screen size, quality, touch-non-touch screen, connectivity and brand. Good quality digital whiteboards are available between TK 50,000 to TK 1,00,000 in Bangladesh. Moreover, interactive whiteboards with 4K video quality, touchscreen, and wireless communication start at TK 1,65,000.