DVR Price in Bangladesh 2024

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DVR Buying in Bangladesh

Currently, the use of CCTV cameras has increased in Bangladesh, so the use of DVRs has increased. DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder which stores the CCTV footage captured by the camera on the hard disk. As a result, it can be viewed again as needed.

What is the feature of DVR?

1. Video footage can be captured and recorded by using a DVR with a CCTV camera for surveillance purposes.

2. High-capacity DVR with 8, 16, and 32 channel is available at affordable price in Bangladesh to connect CCTV cameras to homes, offices, and other large-scale locations as needed.

3. DVRs can usually use built-in hard disks as well as external hard disks of different capacities so that videos can be stored as needed.

4. DVR can be controlled remotely through an internet connection. As a result, stored video footage can be accessed remotely through a mobile app or web browser.

5. The DVR is equipped with motion detection technology, which can instantly capture any disturbances during recording and optimize storage space.

6. DVR has H.264 and H.265 video compression algorithms to compress the file size of recorded video footage. As a result, storage efficiency increases with quality images.

7. Includes features like fast-forward, rewind, and frame-by-frame playback for quick detailed analysis of video from DVR. As a result, specific events or time frames can be quickly identified from the recorded footage.

8. DVR with PTZ camera connectivity is available at an affordable price in bd that allows outdoor motion monitoring and zooming as needed directly from the DVR interface or remote viewing application.

9. An alarm facility is available in case of motion detection, sensor activation system fault, etc. using DVR.

10. User access can be controlled by accessing DVR settings and recorded footage to ensure security and privacy.

What to know before buying a DVR?

Nowadays the use of DVR along with CC cameras is essential. So, there are a few things to keep in mind to know which DVR is suitable for your CCTV setup. Details are mentioned:

Number of DVR Channels: Number of channels in DVR should be the same as the number of cameras. It is better to buy a DVR with more channels than you need because it is possible to add more cameras in the future. 4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel, 32-channel, 64-channel, and 128-channel DVRs are available in Bangladesh.

Video Resolution: Most DVR supports HD resolution video through the use of AHD / HDCVI standard which is sufficient for clear video recording. However, you can select a Full HD resolution DVR if you need.

Number of DVR Bays: DVRs have one or more bays depending on the model. DVR bay is mainly used to set hard disk. Usually, all DVRs have at least one bay that supports up to 1 terabyte hard disk. The more cameras you use, the more bays you will need a DVR to record and store. So that more hard disks can be set and long-time video can be stored. 1 HDD is enough for the setup of up to 4 cameras. However, if you want to use more cameras, you need to select a multiple-bay DVR.

Besides, the DVR supports analog transmission through coaxial cable. But if you want to use an existing LAN, you can buy a network video recorder.

What is the price of DVR in Bangladesh?

DVR price in BD is determined based on the brand of DVR, number of channels, number of DVR bays, and quality. Currently, all types of DVRs are available in Bangladesh between TK 2,500 to TK 45,000. The price of 4-channel DVR range from TK 2,500 to TK 6,800 which is good for home, and retail store use. Also, according to the extent of coverage area and the number of CC cameras, DVR of different capacities including 8 channel, 16 channel, and 32 channel is available at an affordable price in BD.

8 Channel DVR Price in Bangladesh

8 channel DVR is generally available on a budget of Tk 3,600 to Tk 7,000 in Bangladesh. 8 CC cameras can be connected with 8 channel DVR. Moreover, the 8-channel DVR is suitable for use in small to medium-sized homes, small offices, or retail stores.

16 channel DVR price in Bangladesh

16 channel DVR is available in a budget of Tk 6,800 to Tk 10,000 in Bangladesh. 16 channel DVR can use 16 CC cameras. Also, 16-channel DVR is ideal DVR for use in medium-sized establishments such as shops, factories, or business establishments.

32 channel DVR price in Bangladesh

32 channel DVR is available in a budget of Tk 19,000 to Tk 40,000 in Bangladesh. Supports 32 CC cameras with 32 channel DVR. As a result, 32 channel DVR is suitable for use in places like shopping malls, large factories, and commercial buildings.

Moreover, 64 channel, 128 channel DVR should be used if more than 32 CC cameras are required to be set. Also, multiple DVRs can be used as needed.

Common Question about DVR in Bangladesh

Can multiple cameras be connected to the DVR system?

Answer: Yes, most DVR systems support multiple camera inputs. As a result, multiple cameras can be connected as well as monitored simultaneously.

Can the DVR be accessed remotely by mobile?

Answer: Yes, currently the DVR system can be accessed remotely through the mobile app. As a result, live footage, recording, and other settings can be managed from the mobile using a specific app.

Can DVR set a recording schedule?

Answer: Yes, DVR system can set a recording schedule. The footage can be customized as per requirement in addition to setting a specific time to record.

Does DVR support audio recording?

Answer: Depending on the specific model and configuration, some DVR systems support audio recording. However, not all DVR systems are capable of audio record support. So before buying a DVR, you must check the specifications.

What are the connectivity options of DVR?

Answer: Usually there is an HDMI or VGA port as video output to connect the DVR to a monitor or TV. Also, there are various connectivity options including an Ethernet port for network connection and a USB port for connecting external storage or peripheral devices.

Does the DVR have password protection?

Answer: The DVR has password protection for accessing system settings and recorded footage.

Is there any warranty available when buying a DVR?

Answer: Yes, DVR is available at a low price with a minimum 1-year service warranty in BD.

What are the popular brands of DVR in Bangladesh?

Answer: Dahua, Hikvision, and Jovision are the most popular brands for supplying quality DVR at affordable price in Bangladesh.