DVR Price in Bangladesh 2023

Currently, the use of CCTV cameras has increased in Bangladesh, so the use of DVRs has increased. DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder which stores the CCTV footage captured by the camera on the hard disk. As a result, it can be viewed again as needed.

What to know before buying a DVR?

Nowadays the use of DVR along with CC cameras is essential. So, there are a few things to keep in mind to know which DVR is suitable for your CCTV setup. Details are mentioned:

Number of DVR Channels: Number of channels in DVR should be the same as the number of cameras. It is better to buy a DVR with more channels than you need because it is possible to add more cameras in the future. 4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel, 32-channel, 64-channel, and 128-channel DVRs are available in Bangladesh.

Video Resolution: Most DVR supports HD resolution video through the use of AHD / HDCVI standard which is sufficient for clear video recording. However, you can select a Full HD resolution DVR if you need.

Number of DVR Bays: DVRs have one or more bays depending on the model. DVR bay is mainly used to set hard disk. Usually, all DVRs have at least one bay that supports up to 1 terabyte hard disk. The more cameras you use, the more bays you will need a DVR to record and store. So that more hard disks can be set and long-time video can be stored. 1 HDD is enough for the setup of up to 4 cameras. However, if you want to use more cameras, you need to select a multiple-bay DVR.

Besides, the DVR supports analog transmission through coaxial cable. But if you want to use an existing LAN, you can buy a network video recorder.

What is the price of DVR in Bangladesh?

DVR price in BD is determined based on the brand of DVR, number of channels, number of DVR bays, and quality. Currently, all types of DVRs are available in Bangladesh between TK 2,500 to TK 45,000. The price of 4-channel DVRs ranges from TK 2,500 to TK 6,800. 8-channel DVRs are available between TK 3,600 to TK 10,500 depending on the quality. 16-channel DVRs range from a minimum of TK 7,000 to a maximum of TK 42,000 depending on the quality and number of bays. And, 32-channel DVRs are available between TK 25,000 and TK 45,000. Moreover, if more than 32 CC camera sets are required, multiple DVRs can be used.