DVR Price in Bangladesh 2022

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DVR is a digital video recorder that stores CCTV footage on a hard disk. As a result, it can be seen again as needed.

1. The number of channels in the DVR should be equal to the number of cameras. It is better to buy DVR with more channels than required because more cameras can be added in the future. DVRs of 4 channels, 6 channels, 16 channels, 32 channels, 64 channels and 128 channels are available in Bangladesh.

2. Most DVRs support HD video using the AHD / HDCVI standard, which is sufficient for clear video recording. But you can choose Full HD DVR if you need.

3. 1 HDD bay is enough for up to 4 cameras. However, if you want to use more cameras, it is better to choose multiple Bay DVR. Even if the camera is more, it will be able to hold videos for a long time.

4. DVR supports analog transmission via coaxial cable. However, if you want to use an existing LAN, you can buy a network video recorder.