Dahua DVR Price in Bangladesh

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Dahua DVR is one of the most popular products of Dahua Technology Company. Dahua DVR is widely used worldwide including Bangladesh due to its advanced features and ease of operation. Currently, Dahua DVR with different channel capacity and features is available in Bangladesh at affordable prices. Moreover, Dahua DVR is widely used to handle surveillance tasks 24/7 easily, especially in large organizations.

What is the price of Dahua DVR?

Dahua DVR price in Bangladesh varies that depends on the model, channel capacity, and other features. Currently, Dahua DVR price is BD starts from TK 2,500 which is a 4-channel DVR and has 1 HDD bay that supports up to 6-TB hard disk. On the other hand, Dahua 8-channel DVR starts from TK 3,800 that supports a 6-megapixel CC camera per channel. And, Dahua 16-channel DVR starts from TK 6,800 which has maximum 128 user access and comes with intelligent video system. Also, Dahua 32-channel DVR is available in Bangladesh which cost a bit more.

What is the specialty of Dahua DVR?

Dahua DVR is very popular among security camera users in Bangladesh due to its advanced technology and features. The special features of Dahua DVR are discussed below:

Video Compression System: Dahua DVR uses H.264, H.264+, H.265, and H.265+ video compression systems with AI-coding. As a result, Dahua DVR can capture high-quality video in full motion with 50 percent less bandwidth and less latency. And, Dahua DVR can store relatively high quality video using less hard disk space.

Various Video Format: Dahua DVR can capture video in QCIF, CIF, BCIF, HD1, D1, 960H, 720P, and 1080P formats. As a result, users can select the video format as per their convenience. And in case of low capacity hard disk it is better to choose low-resolution video format to save more days of video footage.

Easy Management: By using Dahua DVR with CCTV camera setup, anyone can easily manage surveillance activities without training. Besides, the use of Dahua DVR will provide the user with many options that will make the management of surveillance activities easier.

Large Number of User Access: Dahua DVR has large number of user access so that multiple people can work together for company surveillance work and all company owners have access to surveillance. A maximum of 128 users can be granted access by using Dahua DVR.

In addition, Dahua DVR has one or more bays to accommodate a 6-terabyte to 16-terabyte hard disk setup.