Chair Price in Bangladesh

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Chair Buying in Bangladesh

Chair that is used worldwide for sitting. The use of chairs is very popular in offices or business establishments whether it is for sitting down to work or for seating guests. Different designs of chairs for office, home, educational institutions, and different places are available in Bangladesh market. Nowadays, chair made of different material is available in BD, thus, one can sit comfortably and do quality work.

What is the price of chairs in Bangladesh?

Chair in Bangladesh is priced based on design, materials, seating comfort, and advanced features. Chair price in BD starts from TK 500 which is a comfortable chair made of plastic. On the other hand, office chair price in Bangladesh starts from TK 2,400 which is suitable for long hours of continuous sitting and has 5 wheels for easy movement. Moreover, chair with advanced features is available in Bangladesh which cost a bit more.

How many type of chair available in Bangladesh?

Different type of chair is available in Bangladesh based on usage. The type of chair is described in detail:

Office Chair: Office chair is used for long periods of continuous sitting. Office chairs are usually comfortable. Because the seat of the office chair uses sponge foam and the backrest is relatively soft. Besides, the office chair has wheels attached to its legs for easy movement around as needed. And, as the office chair has hydraulic technology, the height of the chair can be adjusted according to one's height and needs. Besides, these chairs can be used for long sitting at home.

Guest Chair: This type of chair is equally used for seating guests in homes and offices or in various institutions. Guest chairs are made in different designs and materials. Chairs made of plastic and wood are mostly used as guest chairs in homes. Moreover, guest chairs made of sponge foam are used in offices and educational institutions. The price of these chairs is relatively low.

What to look for before buying a chair?

Chair that is used for different purposes depending on the space. So, there are certain things to consider before buying a chair.

1. Chair Type: Before buying a chair, choose the type of chair considering where the chair will be used. A comfortable office chair should be selected if you need to sit in a chair for long periods of time. A good quality office chair or hydraulic chair is ideal, specially if you work all day on a desktop. Moreover, chairs made of plastic or wood can be selected for seating guests, or for short periods of sitting. However, guest chair made of sponge foam is available which is very comfortable.

2. Advanced Features: Choose a chair with comfortable and advanced features for long hours of continuous work. Hydraulic system and wheeled chair should be selected as per requirement.

3. Armrest & Backrest: Choose a chair with an armrest and backrest as per requirement. Also, several chairs have flexible armrests and flexible backrests, so choose the ideal chair for yourself with that in mind.

4. Height Adjustable: Most of the Advance chairs are height adjustable, so these can be raised and lowered as needed. And, height-adjustable chairs fit tables of any height.

5. Durability: The durability of the chair depends on the material it is made of. Therefore, in selecting a chair for regular use, one must look at its built material.

6. Budget: Before buying a chair, you must check the features of the chair according to the price of the chair. And, you have to choose the right chair according to your budget.

Best Chair Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best chair list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best chair list has been created based on the interest for chair buyers of BD Stall.

Chair Model Price in BD
Office Executive Chair 11K ৳ 4,450
Hight Adjustable Executive Office Chair ৳ 5,000
High Quality Boss Wooden Chair ৳ 34,500
Rubber Fume Executive Office Chair ৳ 3,800
Comfortable 5-Wheel Gaming Chair ৳ 9,500
Mahogany Wooden Double Gear Boss Chair ৳ 15,500
Visitor's Chair for Living room & Bedroom ৳ 8,000
Mahogany Wooden Director's Chair ৳ 13,000
Comfortable Strong Base Office Chair ৳ 7,000
Nylon Plastic Comfortable Visitor Chair ৳ 2,800