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Refrigerator Buying in Bangladesh

Refrigerator or fridge is an essential part of the best needs of human life today. Because it can keep food fresh for a long time. The refrigerator can easily keep various foods fresh including vegetables, fruits, juices, fish, meat, spices. There are different brands of refrigerators in Bangladesh with different sizes, technologies and capacities. Samsung, Sharp, Walton, LG brand refrigerators are more popular in Bangladesh.

What to know before buying a fridge?

According to various experts, before buying a refrigerator, it is important to know about the good compressor, energy-saving capacity, and the space inside the refrigerator. Details about them are given below:

Quality of food:

Before buying a fridge, the first thing to check is its ability to keep food. You should buy a refrigerator that can keep the quality of food well even if it costs a little. It is better not to buy a refrigerator that reduces the quality of food such as fish, vegetables, eggs etc.


The most important part of the refrigerator is the compressor. The better the compressor, the faster the fridge will cool. If possible, it is better to buy a refrigerator model that has a state-of-the-art inverter compressor. Because it has proper cooling even during voltage fluctuations. However, the current non inverter compressor provides better performance and cooling.

Energy saving:

Different types of technology are used to save electricity in each brand of refrigerators. These basically prevent the fridge from consuming excess electricity. Provides excellent performance with low power consumption.


It is very important to choose the size of the fridge according to the space to keep it in a certain place. There are many refrigerators that look great from the outside but are quite small inside. So check how much space there is inside the fridge. Currently some modern technology no frost refrigerators are available in Bangladesh. Better to buy them. Also double door fridges also have a lot of space to store food. There are many families who love to travel. Such refrigerators are more suitable for them. In Bangladesh, refrigerators are usually sold as CFTs or liters.

After sales service:

Nowadays every brand is providing excellent after sales service. No brand lags behind in terms of warranty and guarantee. Still, different brands are best for different customers due to different technical differences.

Is it better to buy a fridge or a deep freezer?

Freezer is better or deep freeze is better depends on what kind of food items you want to store. Deep freezer is best for keeping fish meat fresh but freezer is better for storing fish meat as well as other food items. So before buying a fridge, know what food items you want to keep fresh. In Bangladesh, deep freezers are usually purchased for additional storage in addition to refrigerators at home.

How many types of refrigerators are available in Bangladesh?

There are four types of refrigerators available in Bangladesh. These are:

  • Single door top refrigerator
  • Single door bottom refrigerator
  • Side-by-side or double door refrigerator
  • Deep freeze

How much does the refrigerator cost?

Refrigerator prices in Bangladesh can start from Tk 20,000 to Tk 200,000. Some models also have auto temperature control that will help raise the temperature a little in winter and keep it lower in summer. There are also different types of refrigerators in Bangladesh and their prices depend on their brand, model, size, capacity and technology.

What benefits will deep freeze and how much is the price in Bangladesh?

Deep freezer prices in Bangladesh start from Tk 20,500 only. It has a large space for storing various food items. Cooked food including fish, meat, ice cream can be stored for a long time. Different types of spices such as ginger paste, garlic paste, onion paste, chili paste will also be stored for a long time in this fridge. The best feature is that the taste of the food will remain intact even after long storage.

Best Refrigerator Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best refrigerator list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best refrigerator list has been created based on the interest for refrigerator buyers of BD Stall.

Refrigerator Model Price in BD
Samsung 218L Bottom Mount Refrigerator ৳ 41,990
Samsung RT27HAR9DUT/D3 253L Inverter Refrigerator ৳ 42,000
Samsung RS72R5001M9/D3 700L Side By Side Refrigerator ৳ 130,900
Hitachi R-VGX440PUC9-GBK 365L Refrigerator ৳ 105,000
Samsung RT47K6231BS/D3 465L Twin Cooling Refrigerator ৳ 83,000
Sharp SJ-EFD589X-BK 4-Door Inverter Fridge ৳ 129,999
Samsung RT29HAR9DDX/D3 275L Refrigerator ৳ 46,900
Samsung RB21KMFH5UT/D3 218Ltr Frost Refrigerator ৳ 39,500
Samsung RT37K5532S8/D3 345L Twin Cooling Refrigerator ৳ 62,000
Hisense RC67WS4O 519L Side by Side Refrigerator ৳ 86,000