Samsung Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

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Refrigerator or fridge is essential in daily life around the world. Currently, Samsung fridge is becoming popular because they can keep all kinds of food fresh at different temperatures for a long time through advanced technology. Samsung fridge is available in Bangladesh with different capacities as per the requirement. Also, you can collect Samsung fridge at a low price from BDStall.

Why buy Samsung fridge?

Samsung refrigerators are made with modern technology and attractive designs. Samsung company provides refrigerators by adding various features in proportion to the needs of Bangladeshi users. A brief discussion about the special features of the Samsung refrigerator is as follows:

Cooling Technology: Samsung fridge use a twin cooling system that has separate evaporators for the refrigerator and freezer and can provide separate cooling airflow. And, according to the type of food, it keeps fresh and consistent for a long time.

Inverter Compressor: Samsung refrigerator has compressor with digital inverter technology. As a result, freezers and refrigerators can automatically reduce and increase the flow of cooling air according to the required temperature. Due to the use of digital inverter technology, the compressor lasts an average of 15 to 20 years. Moreover, refrigerators with digital inverter technology are relatively energy efficient.

Samsung Fridge Types: According to the demand, Samsung markets different types of fridges in Bangladesh. Currently, Samsung upright freezers, Samsung side-by-side refrigerator, and top-mount refrigerator is more popular. Also, various types of Samsung freezers and refrigerators are available.

Advanced Features: Samsung refrigerators or freezers have advanced features which are one of the reasons for its popularity. Special features include: Power Cool, Power Freeze, Mono Cooling, Ice Tray, and Door Alarm. Also, Samsung refrigerators and freezers use inverter power backup systems to keep food fresh during loadshedding.

Design: Samsung refrigerators are made with attractive designs. As a result, these refrigerators and freezers suit any type of kitchen environment. Samsung refrigerators and freezers come in premium colors that make them look stunning. And, refrigerators and freezers have a very smooth and shiny finish.

What is the price of Samsung refrigerator in Bangladesh?

Currently, Samsung freezer prices in Bangladesh start from Tk 35,000 to Tk 40,000 depending on the capacity, design, technology, and compressor quality of the freezer. 250 to 300 liter high-quality refrigerators for households are available between Tk 40,000 and Tk 55,000. Moreover, Samsung refrigerator price in Bangladesh: 400 to 500 liter refrigerator price ranges from Tk 75,000 to Tk 95,000, 600 to 700 liter refrigerator price ranges from Tk 1,40,000 to Tk 2,20,000.