Dining Table Price in Bangladesh

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Dining Table Buying in Bangladesh

Dining table in Bangladesh is an important piece of furniture that everyone needs in daily life. A dining table completes the decor. The dining table plays an ideal role in creating a pleasant atmosphere during meals. And in Bangladesh, people are used to using dining tables, so different designs of dining tables are available.

What materials are available for dining table sets in Bangladesh?

Dining tables made of wood, glass and marble materials are available in Bangladesh. The wooden dining table is designed as per the customer's wishes. A wooden dining table is seen in most households. Glass dining tables are basically made with four legs filled with glass on top. Marble dining tables are seen in most restaurants and many people use them at home. Dining tables made of marble are eco-friendly. They are also very easy to clean.

What size dining table is available in Bangladesh?

4 chairs, 6 chairs, 8 chairs or seater dining tables are more available in Bangladesh. 4 chair and 6 chair dining table are mostly used for personal use in Bangladesh. 8 chair dining table is used in different restaurants.

What is the price of dining table in Bangladesh?

Dining table prices in Bangladesh start from Tk 17,000 and they usually come in attractive designs with 4 chairs or 6 chairs. The table top is made of wood or glass. But the price of dining table depends on its material, design, color quality and innovation. Whatever the price, preference should be given.

Which shape dining table is better?

Round, square and rectangular shaped dining tables are mostly used in Bangladesh. It is better to choose the shape of the dining table based on the shape of the room. If the size of the room is large, round table and square table can be used in the middle. It would be great to see. If the size of the room is small, placing a rectangular table on one side will be more suitable.

What do you need to know when buying a good quality dining table?

If you know the following guidelines, you can buy a good quality dining table according to your choice:

Room size:

Dining table should be bought according to the size of the room. When buying a dining table you must know the dimensions of the space it will be placed in. If the dining space is big and if the table is small then it will be incongruous, again if the room size is small but the table is big it will occupy a lot of space. So you have to choose the size of the dining table knowing about the size of the room.

Dining table design and color:

Different designs and colors of dining tables are available in Bangladesh market at low prices. However, the dining table should be bought in harmony with the color of other furniture in the house. The same thing has to be considered in terms of design. There are two types of furniture colors available in Bangladesh one is natural hand polish color and another is spray color. Natural hand polish colors are more suitable for furniture. These colors help to maintain the natural color of the furniture. On the other hand, spray colors are more durable.

What is good to know about cleaning the dining table?

The main reason behind the discoloration of the favorite dining table is not properly cleaned. Many people clean the wooden dining tables by sprinkling various liquid sprays, as a result of which the color of the table and the chair are fatally damaged. Wooden dining tables should be cleaned with a slightly wet cotton cloth and should not be cleaned with a coarse cloth. Various liquid gels can be used to clean glass and marble dining table sets.