PA System

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৳ 105,000
4 days ago
Betterway SH-430URBT Wireless PA Amplifying Lectern / Podium

Betterway SH-430URBT multi-purpose wireless PA amplifying digital podium / lectern has 1GB for 1000 minutes and 64GB...

৳ 25,000
4 months ago
Boway PHG-127 SD Card LCD FM 12" Speaker PA System

Over discharge protection, 12-inch speaker, power 4Ω and 25 watts, DC 12V, rechargeable battery, 6 hours playtime,...

৳ 180,000
2 months ago
Toa WA Z100SD AS Portable Wireless Amplifier Sound System

Toa WA Z100SD AS portable wireless amplifier sound system has audio player for CD / USB / SD/MMC card, digital echo,...

৳ 28,200
2 months ago
Boway PG102A USB Reader Audio Player Portable Sound System

Boway PG102A portable sound system has one-touch retractable handle, storage box for 2pcs microphones, optional AC...

৳ 98,000
2 months ago
Bosch LBB 1990 Six‑Zone Output Plena VAS Controller

Bosch LBB 1990 plena VAS controller has six‑zone outputs, message manager and 240 W amplifier build‑in, 6...

৳ 35,000
2 months ago
Wall Mount ITC T-6735 PA System with Amplifier

Wall mount ITC T-6735 PA system has built-in ambient sensor microphone, IP network amplifier, 3.4 inch LCD screen,...

৳ 25,000
2 months ago
TEV TA-220 Compact Durable 50W Powerful Sound PA System

TEV TA-220 compact durable PA system has 50 watt maximum power output, echo function, LED indicator, 100Hz ~ 16KHz ±...

৳ 9,400
7 months ago
TEV TA-120 Wireless Microphone Lightweight PA System

TEV TA-120 compact durable PA system has 6.5" full range speaker, 100Hz ~ 16KHz ± 3dB frequency response, headset...