PA System Price in Bangladesh

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PA System Buying in Bangladesh

A PA system or public address system is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system that uses microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers. Used in various noisy areas including large conferences, meetings and railway terminals in Bangladesh. PA systems of different brands, sizes and different technologies are available cheaply in Bangladesh.

What to know before buying a PA system?

Different types of PA systems are available in Bangladesh. But it is not possible to choose the right PA system due to lack of complete understanding about PA system. So, if you know the following information, you can buy a good quality PA system:

1. Before buying a PA system, the first thing to know is what kind of power PA system can cover the usage area. Most 1500 watt, 750 watt and 60 watt PA systems are available in Bangladesh. Therefore, according to the place of use, how many watts of PA system should be selected so that the sound will reach the entire place.

2. A PA system needs to know about its portability for use in different locations. Because portable PA systems are better and more convenient than portable PA systems. Easy to carry so can be used anywhere. But if it is to be used permanently in a place then portable PA system will be better and also less expensive.

3. There are two types of PA systems available in Bangladesh. One of them is battery system and other batteryless PA system. There are two types of PA systems to choose from based on usage. PA systems that have batteries are called rechargeable PA systems. They have to be used with charge. On the other hand, those that do not have a battery have to be used through a direct electrical connection. PA systems that use direct power are mostly used in public places such as offices-courts, educational institutions, bus or train terminals.

4. You need to know how much electricity will be consumed in electronic PA systems. There are many PA systems in Bangladesh that can save electricity. So it is better to buy power efficient PA systems as a result of which the cost of electricity bill will be reduced.

5. Know about PA speaker wire. The cables used to connect PA systems are separated by several cores. Like some cables have core 2, core 4 and others. With how many meters it has or you have to select it according to your needs. But you may have to pay some money for customized cables. But without a complete understanding of the PA system wiring, the PA system cannot be connected according to the correct size.

6. The speakers to be connected to the PA system should be selected according to the wattage of the PA system. If not adjusted, the sound may be too low or too high, resulting in damage to the speakers or PA system.

What is the price of PA system in Bangladesh?

The price of PA system in Bangladesh starts from just Tk 20,000. It is a rechargeable PA system. This state-of-the-art PA system has a 1800 mAh battery. This PA system has 8 inch base speaker and 2 8 inch audio speakers. Also various benefits are available in PA system for just Tk. 20,000. Actually, the price of a PA system in Bangladesh is determined based on the features of the PA system, brand, speaker quality, wattage, size etc.

Does PA system sound more wattage?

A common misconception among the public is that the higher the wattage, the louder the sound of the PA system. Sound has nothing to do with the wattage of a PA system. The higher the quality, size and dB of the PA system speakers, the louder the sound. A watt is simply a unit of measurement for the power a PA system provides to operate. So, PA system wattage has nothing to do with PA system sound. However, when using an external speaker, the speaker must be selected according to the wattage of the PA system, otherwise the sound quality will not be good and the speaker may even be damaged.

How does a 20 watt PA system sound?

A 20 watt PA system is best for indoor use. A 20-watt PA system delivers audio-clear sound for 15 to 20 people. A 20 watt PA system can be used for any conference, meeting or various discussions in a room with a capacity of 15 to 20 people.

How many watts of PA system will be needed for 50 people?

A 200 watt PA system will be required for 50 people. A 200 watt PA system can complete any discussion meeting smoothly. It is an ideal quality PA system for any event. 50 people can listen to important talks together with this 200 watt PA system. The price of 200 watt PA system in Bangladesh is not high.