Printer Paper Price in Bangladesh

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Printer Paper Buying in Bangladesh

Printer paper is basically the essential material used in the printing industry which plays an important role in producing high-quality prints. The use of printers in homes, offices, and businesses in Bangladesh has increased to a great extent, thus the demand for printer paper is also increasing. From photo paper to photocopy paper, variety of printer paper available in BD to meet a variety of printing needs. Printer paper is an important ingredient in a variety of jobs, including photos, documents, graphics, postcards, and business cards. Currently, according to the type of printing work, various types of printing paper is available in Bangladesh at affordable price.

What type of printer paper is available at BD?

Different type of printer paper is available in Bangladesh which suit the printing needs and give the desired results. Notable printer papers currently available in BD are:

Photocopy paper: Photocopy paper is generally used for printing documents, reports, and other types of necessary information. This type of paper is available in A4 size with different weights and glossiness in BD.

Photo Printing Paper: Photo printing paper is specially designed for printing high-quality images. Currently, photo printing paper in Bangladesh is made in glossy or matte finish and available in various sizes including 4 x 6, 5 x 7, and 8 x 10.

Glossy paper: Glossy paper is designed with a superior finish for printing high-quality images such as photographs and graphics. This type of paper is available in different sizes and weight in BD which is mainly used for printing commercial products, product magazines, and advertisements.

Matte Paper: This type of paper usually has a non-reflective finish that is ideal for printing documents, presentations, and graphics. Currently, matte paper is available in Bangladesh in different weights and sizes to print information related to biodata, business reports, and proposals.

Hard Paper: Hard paper is made sustainably for printing postcards, business cards, and other materials. This type of paper is available in different weights and sizes which is used for printing business products and product promotions in BD.

Moreover, different type of printing paper is available in BD including laser paper, inject paper. Also taking into consideration the above factors one should choose the right photo paper / printer paper depending on the requirement and desired result.

What is the price of printer paper?

Printer paper price in Bangladesh vary that depends on paper type, weight, size, brand, etc. Generally, photocopy paper price in BD starts from TK 70 which is A4 size, white paper, 70 gsm weight, and 50 pieces per ream. Currently, photo paper price in Bangladesh starts from TK 85, which is A4 size, each pack contains 20 pieces of photo paper. Also, the price of photo print paper in BD varies depending on the better quality printer paper, heavier weight, variety, or size.

What to look for before buying printer paper?

There are several factors to consider when buying printer paper to select the right type of paper for your needs. Important things to check before buying printer paper:

  • Paper type: The type of paper suitable for printing needs to be verified. For example, photo printing paper for printing pictures, photocopy paper, or matte paper for document printing should be selected.
  • Paper weight: The weight of printer paper mainly depends on the type of printing document. For example, choose heavy-weight paper for business cards or product promotions. In this case, heavier-weight printing paper provides durable and better prints. Printer paperweight in BD is usually measured in GSM units.
  • Paper brightness: Paper brightness makes the image or information brighter and sharper. Papers with higher gloss levels provide vibrant prints. So when choosing printer paper in Bangladesh, look for one with a brightness level of at least 90 or higher.
  • Paper Size: It is important to consider the size of paper required for printing. Generally, the size of printing paper is A4, A5, letter, and legal. So check the printing paper is compatible with the printer.
  • Printer Compatibility: Currently some specialized printer is available in BD that is designed to work only with certain type of paper. So before buying printing paper should be checked manually with the printer.
  • Paper quantity: When printing large quantities of information, images, or product promotions daily, large quantities of printer paper should be purchased at once to save costs.

Choosing the right printing paper with the above considerations in mind will result in high-quality and professional print results.

What size printer paper is available in BD?

Currently, printer paper of different sizes including A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, Letter, Legal, Envelope, and Tabloid available in BD. Among these sizes, the notable printer paper is A4, which is usually used a lot for students to print various notes and assignments. A5 size paper is used for printing various official documents, documents, or contact information. Also, 4 x 6-inch, 5 x 7-inch, and 8 x 10-inch size photo print paper is available for photo printing in Bangladesh.

What is the distinction between glossy and matte paper?

The main difference between glossy and matte paper is paper finishing and light reflection. Glossy paper has a nice finish and reflects more light. Matte paper, on the other hand, is non-reflective and has a dull finish. The glossy paper makes colors look more vibrant when printing, while matte paper provides the true color. Moreover, only images can be printed with glossy paper in BD, but matte paper provides the best print for text, charts, and diagram prints. So the desired print paper should be checked considering the needs and requirements.

What weight of printer paper should be used for printing?

The weight of the paper used for printing varies depending on the printing content. Printer paperweight in Bangladesh is usually measured in grams per square meter and the higher the paper weight, the thicker the paper. Currently, various weight of printing paper including 60-90, 90-120, 120-180, and 180-300 gsm is available in BD. So, check for photo paper of the correct weight as required.

What is the distinction between inkjet and laser printer paper?

Differences between inkjet and laser printer paper include paper coating, absorbency, weight, paper finishing, and price. Inkjet paper is coated so the ink does not spread and blur, while laser paper is uncoated because the toner does not apply as well as the ink. Also, inkjet paper is generally lighter than laser paper. Currently, the cost of laser paper in BD is lower than that of inkjet paper.

Can the printer paper be printed on both sides?

Yes, there are many types of printer paper in BD that can be printed on both sides. But it depends on the paper type and weight. One side can be printed with Photo Print paper. Plain white printing paper that can be printed on both sides is also available in Bangladesh at an affordable price.